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Bergen International Festival
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Learn more about the Festival artists and the works they perform. See them play, or read what the press has been writing about the Festival.

No one can accuse Hector Berlioz of shying away from grandeur in his Grande Messe des morts.

Infinita (Video)
Patina (Video)

A chamber work about a philosopher and political activist.
Philosopher and teacher Simone Weil (1909–1943) grew up in a middle-class Jewish family in Paris but nonetheless sympathized with the radical workers' movement. She joined the Spanish civil war and was a member of the French resistance during World War II.

World-renowned director Robert Wilson has taken twenty-five sonnets and created an epic piece of musical theatre, making Shakespeare's poetic universe more modern and alive than ever.

Lang Lang (Video)

Lang Lang has performed for presidents on three continents and four billion viewers at the Olympic Opening Ceremony in Beijing. Experience the superstar pianist at the 2017 Bergen International Festival. 

Violinist Ludvig Gudim (17) won the Norwegian broadcaster NRK’s Virtuoso competition and The Norwegian Soloist Prize this spring, and is the Norwegian participant in the 2016 Eurovision Young Musicians competition in Cologne, Germany. 

The Festival concert is a part of the Norwegian Soloist Prize.

Reversible (Video)
887 (Video)

887 is a journey into the realm of memory by and with theatre legend Robert Lepage.


Vasks, Haydn and Mozart (About the performance)

A Baltic national composer sandwiched between to classical composers.

Schubert the miracle (About the performance)

While Beethoven and Mozart were undeniably geniuses, we may say that Schubert was a miracle.

Musical explosives (About the performance)

Common features of the sonatas in this evening’s programme are their musical dynamite and dynamic contrasts. Almost a hundred years expired between Beethoven’s first two cello sonatas and Grieg’s only one. Nevertheless they challenge the limits of what the instrument can achieve.

Intense sources of inspiration (About the performance)

While Schönberg in a period of family difficulties was inspired by poetry, what drew Mozart to the string quartet was his craving for admiration and competitive instinct.

Nuances of emotion (About the performance)

Music can say what words cannot express.

Bror Magnus Tødenes & Håvard Gimse (About the performance)

Songs by Grieg and Schumann

In 1888 a 23-year-old Finnish composer with the forenames Johan Julius Christian was extremely proud. For the first time he had had one of his works published – a song.

Great sonatas (About the performance)

The sonata is the great musical form of the Classical era.

Edvard Grieg the European (About the performance)

Grieg and his connections to the great musicians of Europe.

Mozart, Prokofiev and Brahms

Top young soloists and BFO (About the performance)

Mozart, Haydn & Glass

2016: Songs by Grieg and Schumann (About the performance)

The Goldberg Variations constitute one of the greatest, most monumental and most performed works in the repertoire for the piano/harpsichord.

NRK P2 28.05: Listen to the concert with the Danish String Quartet w/Christian Ihle Hadland

The Arts Desk 08.06: Uniquely imaginative programming in special places from a world-class local

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 06.06: Musik hat eine soziale Aufgabe. Die Festspiele in norwegischen Bergen verbinden Hochkultur mit Bürgerbeteiligung und vernetzen sich nebenbei international.

Deutchlandfunk 03.06: Hear the German radio broadcast about Adam & Eve - A Divine Comedy at the Bergen International Festival

BR Klassik 02.06: Hear the German radio broadcast about the Bergen International Festival, the Crescendo launch, and the Norwegian music scene.

Rosary Meditations (About the performance)

This evening’s concert centres around the ‘Sorrowful Mysteries’, which are about death, doubt and love of humankind.

A symphony of Nordic sounds (About the performance)

Profiled composers from two different generations are juxtaposed in this concert of Nordic music.

Gershwin: Porgy & Bess (About the performance)

Porgy & Bess is not like other operas.

A captivating performance from Fiji: For anyone who lives on an island, surrounded by the deep, beautiful yet dangerous sea, it is a cruel thought that one day the island will be swallowed by the ocean.

Quatuor Diotima and clarinettist Jörg Widmann present highly varied classical repertoire.

2015: Russian signatures (About the performance)

The Borodin Quartet celebrates its 70th anniversary with three Russian masters who have all put their own signature to both Russian and European music.

Two romantics and a modernist who had poor regard for one another, but who shared admiration for a fellow composer.

This year we can celebrate the 150th anniversary of the two greatest Nordic composers to succeed Edvard Grieg.

Two French masters and the idol of both – Mozart.

It is nearly 300 years since the last time Leonardo Vinci’s Catone in Utica was performed, but Vinci was one of the most famous composers of opera of his time.

2015: Wandering (About the performance)

Trio Wanderer wanders between eighteenth century rococo and neoclassicism to the newest music of today.

"Expect the unexpected at the Bergen International Festival, nestled in Norway's fjords."

The Chinese newspaper Music Weekly on rebranding of the Bergen International Festival as a modern arts organization.

The German magazine Fono Forum on festivals in Norway.

The Russian on the opening of the Bergen International Festival.

The article "В Бергене проходит крупнейший фестиваль искусств" in Rossiyskaya Gazeta features the Bergen International Festival.

The Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung features Jon Fosse and his play Hav.

The German newspaper Süddeutche Zeitung features the Bergen International Festival with Jon Fosse's play Hav.

The German theatre magazine Theatre der Zeit features the Bergen International Festival with an article about Jon Fosse (Hav) and Christian Lollike (Manifest 2083).

The German theatre magazine Theater der Zeit features The Tiger Lillies and their show Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

The German theatre magazine Theater der Zeit features Jon Fosse and his play Hav.

Morten Traavik's Cardemomyang featured in a North Korean newspaper.

The German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on the Bergen International Festival 2014.

Orfeo (Video)

An expression of love to the power of myth, music and dance.

A summary of the Bergen International Festival 2014

Percussion fireworks.

A trio of Norway’s most talented young musicians in ensemble with internationally acclaimed pianist Leif Ove Andsnes.

Vilos Trio consists of the Norwegian pianist Ole Christian Haagenrud and the Lithuanian string players Dalia Dėdinskaitė and Gleb Pyšniak.

2014: Roots (Video)

Puppet theatre.

2014: RIFF (Video)

An evening that celebrates music, film, and dance from Bergen and the World.

On the Children's Festival Day, we invite young artists from municipal art and music schools in Hordaland to the Bergen International Festival.

With Karoline Krüger.

The breakdance competition is held in Norway for the first time!

A flamenco evening with Bettina Flater.

2014: Traces (Video)

Get ready for a kick!

Tailored to the very youngest.

The Bergen folk music club celebrates its 15th anniversary!

Workshop with Steve Reich

Newly restored silent movie classic with live music. 25.05: An illuminating, often moving account of 200 years of the struggle for human rights.

The sound of Os: This organ of voices will touch your heart!

A Collection of Short Stories.

A concert for taxis and lawn mowers.

A boundary-breaking theatre concert.

2014: OCEAN (Video)

The key scenes of life.

Meet the Chicken, the Hothead, the Square and the Copycat. All of them just want to be understood.

A 7.5-metre high French wicker puppet enters the city. This is a story about a man returning home after a long time abroad.

Take a peak at the rehearsals for Voices & Votes.

In Norway Handel (1685–1759) is thought of as Georg Friedrich Händel, a German composer who lived and worked in England, which indeed he was. However, he spent his early youth – from 1706 to 1710 – in Italy.

2014: The important battle (About the performance)

To say that I have simplified 20th century history is an understatement, but I think the advantage of simplification is that patterns emerge, writes Orlando Gough, the creater of Stemmer.

2014: Hollywood Exiles (About the performance)

From the 1930s onwards the cinema brought symphonic music to far larger audiences than the concert hall. One important reason was that several gifted composers had found artistic exile from the turbulence of Europe in Hollywood at the heyday of the sound film.

2014: Biographies Nordic Mass (About the performer)

Toke Møldrup (33) has won several international competitions and given concerts in prestigious venues including Carnegie Hall, Wigmore Hall, the Vienna Musikverein and the Berlin Konzerthaus.

2014: Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir (About the performer)

Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir, a professional ensemble of selected singers from throughout the Nordic countries, was established in 2005, and has since become one of the most distinguished classical ensembles in the region.

2014: Nordic Mass (About the performance)

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil:
for thou art with me …
(Book of Psalms)

2014: Katrine Gislinge (About the performer)

Katrine Gislinge graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen 1990 and pursued further studies with eminent teachers including Seymour Lipkin in New York, Boris Berman at Yale and Peter Feuchtwanger in London.

2014: Bent Sørensen (About the performer)

Bent Sørensen studied composition at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark.

2014: Stories without words (About the performance)

The trilogy Pantomime is filled with stories without words – both within the individual movements and as themes running through the works.

2014: Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra (About the performance)

An interesting mixture of composers from Norway, Russia and what is now the Czech Republic, who knew and respected one another.

2014: Robert Kulek (About the performer)

Robert Kulek is an American pianist of Latvian origin.

2014: Kristina Mkhitaryan (About the performer)

Kristina Mkhitaryan studied with Ruzanna Lisician at Gnessin Musical College, one of the oldest and most prestigious conservatories in Russiand.

2014: Paul Hillier (About the performer)

Paul Hillier is from Dorset in England and studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.

2014: YXUS Ensemble (About the performer)

YXUS Ensemble was established in early 2013 as a successor of NYYD Ensemble – the principal ensemble for contemporary music in Estonia 1993–2012.

2014: Theatre of Voices (About the performer)

Theatre of Voices was founded by Paul Hillier in 1990 and re-established in Denmark when Hillier moved there in 2003.

2014: Vilos Trio (About the performer)

Vilos Trio was founded in 2011 by Lithuanian violinist Dalia Dedinskaite and cellist Gleb Pyöniak and Norwegian pianist Ole Christian Haagenrud.

2014: The Engegård Quartet (About the performer)

The Engegård Quartet was formed under the midnight sun in Lofoten in 2006, and performed at the Bergen Festival and the Oslo Chamber Music Festival in their very first season.

2014: Terje Tønnesen (About the performer)

Terje Tønnesen plays an important role in the Nordic music scene through his function as artistic director of the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, concertmaster of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and honorable musical director of Camerata Nordica, Sweden.

The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra was formed in 1977 and has established itself as one of the foremost chamber orchestras on the international classical music scene.

2014: Daniel Hope (About the performer)

Daniel Hope was born in South Africa and raised and educated in England, where he earned degrees at the Royal Academy of Music.

2014: Hervé Niquet (About the performer)

Hervé Niquet created the ensemble Le Concert Spirituel in 1987 with the goal of reviving the French grand motet.

2014: Colin Currie (About the performer)

Colin Currie has from his earliest years forged a pioneering path in creating new music for percussion.

2014: Tor Erik Seime Pettersen (About the performer)

Tor Erik Seime Pettersen studied at the Grieg Academy in Bergen, at the University of Stavanger and at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm.

2014: Mari Poll (About the performer)

Mari Poll was born in Estonia, and graduated at the Royal College of Music in London.

2014: Mari Eriksmoen (About the performer)

Mari Eriksmoen studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music, at the Concervatoire National Superieur in Paris and at the Royal Danish Academy of Opera in Copenhagen, where she graduated in 2010.

2014: Isabelle Faust (About the performer)

After winning the prestigious Leopold Mozart and Paganini competitions at an early age, Isabelle Faust was soon invited to appear with the world’s leading orchestras, including the Berlin Philharmonic, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and the NHK Symphony Orchestra Tokyo.

2014: Alexander Melnikov (About the performer)

Alexander Melnikov graduated from the Moscow Conservatoire under Lev Naumov.

2014: Víkingur Ólafsson (About the performer)

Víkingur Ólafsson holds Bachelor and Masters degrees from the Juilliard School.

2014: Navarra String Quartet (About the performer)

The Navarra String Quartet was formed at the Royal Northern College of Music in 2002.

2014: Øystein Birkeland (About the performer)

Øystein Birkeland has throughout the years practiced as a chamber musician and soloist in a broad range of musical genres.

2014: Johan Reuter (About the performer)

Johan Reuter trained in Copenhagen at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and the Opera Academy, and began his career in the vocal ensemble Ars Nova Copenhagen.

2014: Jan Philip Schulze (About the performer)

Jan Philip Schulze is equally successful in his career as soloist, chamber musician and as accompanist of singers.

2014: Sitkovetsky Piano Trio (About the performer)

Sitkovetsky Piano Trio is a collaboration between three young musicians who share a passion for chamber music.

2014: Helsingfors Barockorkester (About the performer)

Helsinki Baroque Orchestra was founded in 1997.

2014: Julia Lezhneva (About the performer)

Julia Lezhneva studied at the Moscow Conservatory and completed her education at London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

2014: Eivind Holtsmark Ringstad (About the performer)

Eivind Holtsmark Ringstad (born 1994) started playing the violin at the age of five, but at the age of 14 he chose the viola as his main instrument.

2014: Eugene Ugorski (About the performer)

Eugene Ugorski was born in 1989 in St Petersburg, and moved with his family to San Diego at the age of five.

The Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1963 by former students of the Franz Liszt Music Academy in Budapest.

2014: Natalie Clein (About the performer)

Natalie Clein was born in the UK and came to widespread attention at the age of sixteen when she won both the BBC Young Musician of the Year and the Eurovision Competition for Young Musicians.

2014: Guro Kleven Hagen (About the performer)

Guro Kleven Hagen (born 1994) has already received numerous awards in Norwegian and international competitons.

2014: Ellen Sejersted Bødtker (About the performer)

Ellen Sejersted Bødtker was educated at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Hochschule für Musik und Dartstellende Kunst Vienna, and at Indiana University, USA.

2014: Esbjerg Ensemble (About the performer)

The Esbjerg Ensemble was the first instance of a professional Danish chamber ensemble when it was established in 1967.

2014: Håkon Thelin (About the performer)

Håkon Thelin studied with Professor Knut Guettler at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

2014: The Beethoven Journey III (About the performance)

Music to make the world more human.

2014: The two halves (About the performance)

The Czech author Milan Kundera, who also has a solid training in music, has written that literary history is divided into two halves. 31.03: Norwegians will celebrate constitution’s 200th anniversary with students from Pyongyang.

2014: Le Concert Spirituel (About the performance)

A tribute to Italian early music.

2014: Three Temperaments (About the performance)

A common denominator of these three quartets is an overtly extroverted mood.

2014: Beethoven’s Violin Sonatas (About the performance)

Music to appeal equally to body and soul.

2014: Emotional spaces (About the performance)

The works in this evening’s concert share an expression of more complex aspects of human emotion, ranging from longing and resignation to forceful defiance.

Norway in miniature and a tribute to freedom, equality and fraternity.

What if we have lost the ability to imagine the world differently? If our imagination has actually been sterilised?

A dance story based on 1001 Nights.

Beethoven's Violin Sonatas.

A Minister of Justice, a security guard and a terrorist are aboard the ferry to Denmark.

Meet the Chicken, the Hothead, the Square and the Copycat. All of them just want to be under stood.

Music, experiments and fun for the entire family with the Trondheim Soloists and Solveig from Norwegian children's television.

Like you've never seen Pinocchio before!

Let the ramshackle three-man band The Tiger Lillies take you on a surreal ocean journey, with spectacular visual effects.

Musical circus with six multi-instrumentalists and a hundred objects in the word of Tom Waits.

The Holberg Suite in Eastern European company.

Newly restored silent movie classic with live music.

The film and the people who tell it all about Pussy Riot's struggle for freedom.

Steve Reich, legendary composer, visits Bergen to perform with one of the world’s leading orchestras.

2014: London Sinfonietta (About the performer)

The London Sinfonietta’s mission is to place the best contemporary classical music at the heart of today’s culture; engaging and challenging the public through inspiring performances of the highest standard, and taking risks to develop new work and talent.

Get ready for a kick!

2013: The New Sounds of the Baroque (About the performance)

By performing according to Baroque practice on historical instruments the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra exposes new and unfamiliar facets of the old masters.

Student project about water

Desiring Machines in Studio Bergen.

Gitarissimo 1: Pupils and students played in Håkonshallen.

Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra and Marianna Shirinyan in Grieghallen.

Excerpts from Den skjeggete dame (The Bearded Lady), Grieg in Outer Space, Dukkenikkerne and Efterklang.

The performance "Speilet" (The Mirror), Tango Parera, De tre superdamene (The three Superladies), En smak av verden (A taste of the world) at  Fargefest, Voksne Herrers Orkester with Heine Bugge and Marius Neset and The Festival Quarter with Piazzolla Variety.

A day of surprises for the whole family at Siljustøl 26 May.

Excerpts from  Peter og ulven (Peter and the Wolf), Coelacanth, Murmuration, Marco Polo,  L'Arpeggiata and Dukkenikkerne. 

See excerpts from the perfomances Peter og ulven (Peter and the Wolf), Marco Polo and Coelacanth.

2013: Andreas Scholl (About the performance)

The German lied tradition is primarily associated with the Romantic era. However, its roots extend well back into the Classical period.

2013: Fargefest (About the performance)

– Growing up in Norway in the sixties, I hadn’t even heard of garlic. Today, on the other hand, most of us are grateful for the fact that the Norwegian herring is accompanied by new and exotic tastes, available to us from all over the world. We’re all the better for this diversity, and that’s something we must remember when meeting with new and different cul­tures, states Fargespill’s artistic director, Ole Hamre.

Together with musician Dickson Dee, Sang Jijia is on his way to finding the turning point of Carte Blanche’s dancers

2013: Hvoslef’s Chamber Music (About the performance)

‘I take a practical approach when I compose. The characteristics of the instrument are always at the core,’ says the composer Ketil Hvoslef.

2013: Dialogues with Grieg (About the performance)

These four works share a single topic: the reconciliation of folkloristic material with Classical Tradition.

2013: Hagen Quartet (About the performance)

It was Ludwig van Beethoven who turned the string quartet into a playground for genius.

The LP of yore has recently come back into fashion. Archaelogical expeditions into lofts and box-rooms have paved the way for renewed acquaintances with musical experiences from childhood.

2013: L'Arpeggiata: Mediterraneo (About the performance)

The members of the ensemble L’Arpeggiata dig up Baroque pearls from oblivion and improvise on them with infectious enthusiasm. Now they have travelled around the Mediterranean.

2013: Praise the Hairiness (About the performance)

(Eloge du poil)

2013: Coelacanth (About the performance)

”The mixture of uncompromising display of private life and unbounded creativity has become the trademark of Winter Guests’ works. And in Coelacanth, they take the whole thing to the next level” writes Tom Remlov about Alan Øyen’s new production for the Bergen International Festival.

2013: Trondheim Soloists and Hemsing (About the performance)

Four composers of different generations meet in this con­cert. A common feature is the inspiration they have derived from folk music.

2013: Origin of Species (About the performance)

Charles Darwin disliked travelling by sea. Even so, he embarked on a voyage around the world on the HMS Beagle, a journey that was to last for five years.

2013: Marco Polo (About the performance)

On this journey the places of departure and arrival are not the point – but rather the journey itself through a variety of landscapes and cultures.

2013: Mørk, Frang & Hadland (About the performance)

Three Cornerstones: Three piano trios from the early nineteenth to the early
twentieth century.

2013: BLAM (About the performance)

The team behind BLAM! love their jobs. On the stage they get to test gravity and live out all their action fantasies.

‘Ole Bull was a great improviser. He thought like a good jazz musician. We need to rediscover this way of playing for clas­sical music too,’ says Wolfgang Plagge.

2013: War Requiem (About the performance)

In 2013 it is a hundred years since the birth of one of the twentieth century’s greatest musical personalities, Benjamin Britten (1913–1976). The Bergen International Festival celebrates the anniversary by devoting the 2013 closing concert to his War Requiem, considered by many to be his greatest work.

Andreas Scholl performs Der Tod und das Mädchen from his new album Wanderer.

Watch Andreas Scholl's own introduction to his latest album, Wanderer, which consists of German lieder.

FREDRIKA BRILLEMBOURG, mezzo soprano, is known for her versatility in roles ranging from Carmen to Brangäne to Ligeti’s Mescalina.

BALDUR BRÖNNIMANN, conductor, was born in Switzerland and trained at the City of Basel Music Academy and at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, where he was subsequently appointed Visiting Tutor in Conducting.

2013: Tan Dun (composer) (About the performer)

TAN DUN (born 1957) is a composer/conductor from China, now based in New York. His works span the boundaries of classical music, multimedia performance, and Eastern and Western traditions.

22 May - 05 June 2019





22 May - 05 June 2019