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25 May - 08 June 2022


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What will happen to Bergen International Festival 2021?

It is uncurtain how the corona situation will look during the festival period in May and June, but the Bergen International Festival will of course follow the rules and advices from the health authorities. As always we work towards our goal, which is to organize cultural events on a high national and international level, and we hope we can organize the festival as normal in 2021. We plan to offer events with audience in the venues. Many of the events will also be streamed and people can buy digital tickets and watch the streams from their houses. 

Many artists are in a very challenging situation now a days. We wish to bring attention to the work they are doing by continuously launching artists and events for Bergen International Festival 2021, even though we realize that the final programe may look different.


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When is the programme ready?

Bergen International Festival launch artists and events for the 2021 festival continuously.
Stay updated on programme launches by subscribing to our newsletter, or visit our programme page
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Where can I find information about the events of the 2021 festival?

You can find information about the launched events on our website. Stay updated on programme launches by subscribing to our newsletter, or follow our Facebook page.

Because of the rules regarding the corona situation may change, the ticket sale will start as close to the festival dates as possible. Therefore the ticket sale will start in April.

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What happened at Bergen International Festival 2020?

Bergen International Festival 2020 consisted of 60 events, most of them digital. All the digital events was stramed for free on our website and through many other channels. The events was streamed by people more than one million times.

See glimpses of the 2020 festival here.

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Can I exchange my tickets after purchase?

No, it is not possible to exchange event or date after a ticket is bought.

Read more about this here


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Can I buy canceled/unclaimed tickets for a performance which is originally sold out?

Unclaimed tickets are put up for sale on consecutively. Check in the time leading up to the event day for sold-out performances.

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Which language is the performance in?

If other languages than Norwegian are used, you’ll find information regarding the performance language on the individual event pages on, and in the programme catalogue.

Introductions to concerts and performances are held in Norwegian, if no other language is stated.

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Can I combine a good meal with attending the Festival?

Festival Restaurants

The Bergen International Festival collaborates with selected restaurants near our arenas. During this year's hybrid festival, you can eat in the restaurant in connection with a physical performance, or how about ordering delivery or pick-up before a digital festival experience, so you can enjoy both food and culture in the comfort of your own home?

See more information about the Festival Restaurants of 2021 here

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How can I be a performer at the Bergen International Festival?

Artists performing at the Bergen International Festival have been invited by the Festival. The planning of each year’s Festival – 15 days of concerts and performances by the world’s leading artists within classical music, theatre, opera and dance – is an ongoing process. Projects and programmes are often developed with companies and individual artists several years in advance.

If you think that you or your company has an exciting programme to offer, that the Bergen International Festival is missing, then send an email to or send the information to Festspillene i Bergen, Postboks 183 Sentrum, 5804 Bergen, Norway.

We receive a lot of information, and unfortunately do not have the opportunity to confirm receipt or return material.

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How do I get to Bergen and around to the Festival venues?

Travel to Bergen

Find travel options at VisitBergen's website.

Transport to composer's homes and other venues

Previous years Bergen International Festival has offered transport to the composer's homes Troldhaugen, Lysøen and Siljustøl. Because of the corona pandemic this will not be offered this year.

Information on how to get to the different venues is available on our venue pages.

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About Bergen International Festival

Read more about Bergen International Festival here.

When is the festival?

Bergen International Festival usually starts on the first Wednesday after May 19th every year. The 2021 festival starts May 26th and ends June 9th.

Dates for future festivals are:

  • May 25th - June 8th 2022
  • May 24th - June 7th 2023

Where can I find information about previous festivals?

You can find the programmes from previous festivals here.

Where can I find the Festival Administration?

Our visiting address is Vaskerelvsmauet 6, next to Torgallmenningen (map). The entrance is behind the meeting place "Den blå steinen" (The blue stone), in the small street between the restaurants MM and Logehaven. Welcome!

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If you have some feedback, positve or negative, we are happy to hear from you. Your feedback can contribute to a better festival experience for yourself and others. Contact us at:

In 2021, the Festival took place from 26 May to 09 June.

Festival dates in upcoming years: 

  • 25 May–08 June 2022
  • 24 May–07 June 2023
  • 22 May–05 June 2024
  • 21 May–04 June 2025
  • 27 May–10 June 2026


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