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03:08:38 States of Emergency

Past events:

​A reconstruction of the afternoon of 22 July 2011, presented in real time.

​Experience a reconstruction centred around a composition of authentic radio broadcasts and audio recordings. Against the sounds of these defining hours in history on 22 July 2011, a team of cartoonists, filmmakers and musicians work based on an understanding of the course of events from beginning to end. 

Three hours, eight minutes and thirty-eight seconds was the time it took for a young man to blow up a Norwegian government building and then execute young Social Democratic politicians at a summer camp. How did the surrounding world, both near and far, react? What was said outside Norway? How did different societies, different people react – not afterwards – but in the midst of such a state of emergency? Where no one yet knew the scope, cause or motivation, and where speculations ran wild?

Since its premiere before the pandemic began, the performance has been presented a number of times, including on Utøya. In the summer of 2021, it was broadcast live to 12 theatres in Norway and Denmark, and in 2022, to Moscow and New York. Audience restrictions during the pandemic have meant that few people have seen the performance so far.

03:08:38 States of Emergency was awarded two Hedda Awards and received the Oslo Prize for performance art of the year 2020. The stage version premiered at Det Vestnorske Teatret in January 2020.

"This is the only performance we need about 22nd of July" – NRK

Photo: Transiteatret-Bergen


​Transiteatret-Bergen also presents the world premiere of The art of constructing a trap at Det Vestnorske Teateret Saturday 28 May.



​3 h 08 min 38 s


Standard: 420
Senior: 360
Under 30: 200
​BT Fordel: 350


Norwegian with surtitles in English​


    • Tore Vagn Lid audiovisual concept, direction
    • Øystein Nesheim, Tore Vagn Lid scenography
    • Øystein Nesheim, Arvid Pettersen illustrators
    • Anders Hultgreen, Øystein Nesheim, Tore Christian F. Bleikli camera team
    • Terje Isungset percussion
    • Per Jørgensen trumpet, vocals
    • Tore Vagn Lid guitar, vokals
    • Morten Skage bass
    • Tore Vagn Lid, Terje Isungset music, arrangements
    • Mathias Grønsdal audiovisual technician
    • Tore Vagn Lid, Morten Skage, Mathias Grønsdal sound design
    • Ingvill Espedal, Eira Sjaastad Huse, Regine Forthun, Idar Aaserud Løvlid, Hilde Annine Hasselberg and others vocals
    • Øystein Nesheim, Tor Christian F. Bleikli, Tore Vagn Lid research
    • Tor Christian F. Bleikli, Sigrid Aakvik producers

Produced by

​A co-production with Institute for Theatre, Film and Media Studies W. Goethe University (Frankfurt am Main), Vega SceneTransiteatret-Bergen and Det Vestnorske Teateret, presented in collaboration with Bergen International Festival


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