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24 May - 7 June 2023

A True Story

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​A stage production on transgender childhood, transgender parenthood and family relationships.

The production A True Story by the company 71BODIES is inspired, based and performed by transgender kids, teenagers and transgender adults along with their  chosen  family members.

'We, transgender people, cannot transition alone. We need the entire society to transition with us. For this we need to hear and consider all sides of the story. The essence of A True Story is to create around the complexity of all experiences; not only the transgender person but also how the family experiences the gender transition of their child, parent, partner or friend,' writes Daniel Mariblanca about the production.

The performance is a multidisciplinary  project with an artistic focus on dance, live music, visual art and performance, and the work will also become a book. 

A True Story is directed and choreographed by 71BODIES' founder, Daniel Mariblanca, in collaboration with several national and international artists. The transgender inclusive dance and performance company works with and in marginalized communities, and in particular communities where the body is at the centre of the discussion.

Photo: Ursula Kaufmann


​The performance includes children and is kid-friendly, but the content is apprehensible for adults. There is no age limitation. The protagonists range in age from 8 to 85. The venue is universally designed with accessibility for wheelchair users.

Live visual interpretation and sign language interpretation will be included in select performances. 

Trailer A True Story. Video: Ursula Kaufmann
  • Dance



​1 h 45 min


Standard: 340
Senior: 306
Under 30/student: 200 
FiB Fordel: 238
BT Fordel: 255

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​Performed in English.
Visual interpretation on Tuesday 6 June at 19:30.
Sign language interpretation on Wednesday 7 June at 16:30.


    • Daniel Mariblanca choreographer, artistic vision
    • Thomas Bruvik light designer 
    • Karoline Bakken Lund visual scenographer 
    • Per Platou composer 
    • Andreas Lassen sound technician
    • Ursula Kaufmann filmmaker 
    • Ingeleiv Berstad assistant dramaturgy
    • Daniel Mariblanca, Iben Mansfeld, Koyote Millar, Stein Wolff Frydenlund adult protagonists
    • Ángel Santano Valcárcel, Domènech Martín Navarro, Jesse Robleño García youth protagonists
    • Alejandro Garrido Rodríguez, Lara Gil Bóveda child protagonists
    • María José Rodríguez Garrido, Saida García Casuso, Ninian Millar, Eiril Stenberg, Silvia Navarro Moreno, Nahikare Bóveda González, Patricia Mariblanca Fuentes supporting family protagonists


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