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20 May - 03 June 2020

Anna Jarosz & Agatha Lewandowski

Although we all know what it means

Past events:

​Digital video-installation

​Although we all know what it means…" started as a spontaneous response to the new order of the world that we have come to experience. The project evolved from Jarosz's original exhibition that never managed to take place in its predicated place.  It moved to the internet and became an online installation available for everyone for a limited amount of time.

The work symbolises the journey of a traumatised population. The installation is a collage and collection of found material combined with reproductions of home-studio-work, enhanced through collaboration with sound artist Agatha Lewandowski. The artists explore the idea of collective trauma and try to capture the immediacy of those instant feelings (expressed in the new digital world).

Lewandowski emphasises the phenomena of collective residence in the digital noise of social media. The question is - do we all exist RIGHT NOW in a phantom space, an anthropomorphic universe or something else?

Photo: Anna Jarosz & Agatha Lewandowski


Available until 29 November 2020. This service is offered by the Bergen International Festival. The music is reproduced with permission by TONO ( Unauthorized performance or copying is illegal.



    • Anna Jarosz 
    • Agatha Lewandowski


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