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​Say hi to a sound creature!

Auditomosjon consists of large textile figures, or sound creatures, in different shapes and colours. Each has its very own basic sound, which changes when you move and turn it. How you move the sound creature also affects which sound effects come from it.

Let your curiosity, creativity and urge to explore unfold and create completely unique soundscapes. As you walk around the room, you can experiment and move the sound creatures as you like. Can you create your own musical masterpiece with others playing with the sound creatures?

In this auditory playground, the figures become a form of instruments. When you move them around the room, they form a composite orchestra and a three-dimensional physical and auditory experience. Auditomosjon was first held during the 2021 Bergen International Festival, with limitations due to the pandemic. This year, you can play with the sound creatures any way you like!

The concept and sound creations are made by Jon Hoem, associate professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL).

This event is part of Småspill, a children's art festival created by the Bergen International Festival and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.


Time Schedule

Campus Bergen
Sunday 29 May 
at 09:30–15:00

Monday 30 May
at 09:30–14:00

Campus Stord
Tuesday 31 May
at 09:00–17:30

Campus Sogndal
Thursday 02 June
at 10:00–17:30


    • Jon Hoem concept, design, sound processing
    • Ragnhild Enger set design
    • Johannes Ringheim audio technologies

Supported by

Grieg FoundationVestland County Council and The GC Rieber Foundations


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