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20 May - 03 June 2020

Beethoven x Bartók

with Andsnes, Eriksmoen & friends

Past events:
A wild and wistful house concert.

When the young Beethoven arrived in Vienna in 1792, he quickly became a favourite in aristocratic circles. He gave house concerts and composed chamber music, for which he was generously recompensed. His reputation was dependent on the circles he moved in, and when he presented his first piano trios he was anxious to impress and challenge his audience with his innovative style. He was especially pleased with the C minor trio. Haydn, his mentor, frowned at his new musical language at the outset, but his concerns were soon put to rest: the trio was a resounding success in Viennese musical circles. The trio is one of the most popular chamber works to this day.

According to eighteenth century music lovers, C minor expresses unrequited love, tragic events and an ominous mood. Beethoven used the key in several of his major works, such as his fifth symphony and the funeral march in the Eroica Symphony. The C minor trio, a considerably earlier work, is full of contrast, ranging from the murkiest depths to bright optimism. Here it is performed by Crescendo participants Ludvig Gudim, violin and Sandra Lied Haga, cello, with mentor Leif Ove Andsnes at the piano.

In this concert in Grieg's villa we also make the acquaintance of one of Beethoven's rarer treasures, with soprano Mari Eriksmoen centre stage. In 1816 several composers were commissioned to arrange folk songs in innovative ways, and Beethoven was left to choose his own favourites. Beethoven found this so inspiring that he continued to make settings of familiar folk tunes, eventually arranging over 160 songs from many European countries!

In the course of the intimate house concert at Troldhaugen we also get an insight into the soul of Hungarian folk music. A dozen violin duets by Béla Bartók are interpreted by Sonoko Miriam Welde and Ludvig Gudim, ranging from a mosquito dance to a wedding song.

Collage: Leif Ove Andsnes (photo: Gregor Hohenberg), Mari Eriksmoen (photo: Renate Torseth), Sonoko Miriam (photo: Bård Gundersen), Ludvig Gudim (photo: Jiyang Chen), Amalie Stalheim (photo: Nikolaj Lund), Sandra Lied (photo: ikke oppgitt)

Available minimum 30 days after first streaming. This service is offered by the Bergen International Festival. The music is reproduced with permission by TONO ( Unauthorized performance or copying is illegal.



​1 h


  • Leif Ove Andsnes piano 
  • Mari Eriksmoen soprano
  • Sonoko Miriam Welde violin 
  • Ludvig Gudim violin 
  • Amalie Stalheim cello 
  • Sandra Lied Haga cello

Music by

  • Beethoven
  • Bartók


    • Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827) 
    • Folk songs

      Tyroler, WoO 158a:4 

      The return to Ulster, WoO 152:1 

      Music, love and wine, op 108:1 

      Auld lang syne, WoO 156:11 

      The sweetest lad was Jamie, op 108:5 

      God Save the King, WoO 78 


      •  Béla Bartók (1881–1945) 
      • 44 Duos for 2 Violins, Sz 98

        37. Prelude and Canon in B flat dorian

        16. Burlesque. Allegretto in B flat major

        35. Ruthenian Kolomejka. Allegro in A dorian

        13. Wedding song in A mixolydian

        22. Mosquito dance. Allegro molto in A phrygian

        26. Teasing song. Scherzando in A major

        28. Sorrow. Lento, poco rebato in A minor

        32. Dance from Máramos. Allegro giocoso in D dorian

        38. Romanian whirling dance. Allegro in D major

        43. Pizzicato. Allegretto in E minor

        36. Bagpipes. Allegro molto in A mixolydian

        36a. Változata. Allegro molto in A mixolydian


        • Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827)
        • Piano Trio nr. 3 in C minor, op. 1:3

          1. Allegro con brio

          2. Andante cantabile con Variazioni

          3. Minuetto. Quasi allegro

          4. Finale. Prestissimo

Supported by

The Savings Bank Foundation DNB – Dextra Musica
Crescendois a mentoring program for young classical musicians under the direction of the Bergen International Festival, Barratt Due Music Institute and the Oslo Philharmonic. The project is supported by Trond Mohn, Bettina Ford Jebsen, Hans Peter Jebsen, The Savings Bank Foundation DNB, Dextra Musica and Talent Norway.


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