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Bjørn Tomren


Past events:

​Darkness and dystopia wrapped up in beautiful sound.

Multi-vocalist Bjørn Tomren sang his way into most people's hearts when he won Stjernekamp on NRK in the autumn of 2021. In Skjerjehamn, he performs his own songs from his first album, Bad Science Fiction (2019), and his upcoming album Solastalgia, which is due for release in the autumn of 2022.

He describes his music as "experimental science-fiction country", which expresses problematic and destructive aspects of our own time, such as man-made climate change, the decline in species diversity, modern warfare, nuclear weapons, poverty, fascism, and market liberalism.

Several songs are also inspired by movies such as Stalker, Dr. Mabuse, Hiroshima mon amour, L'Avventura and Bonnie and Clyde.

'Against this backdrop, I try to tell some stories about different people', says Tomren.

And while this may sound bleak, he can reassure the listener that he "also has a song that is just about the American actor Robert Mitchum and free of any fear of the future."

'In addition, I have a song about dying. I think this will be a nice concert', he says.

Joining Tomren on stage are Åse Britt Reme Jakobsen (vocals and guitar) and Stein Urheim (guitar).

Photo: Thor Brødreskift



​1 h


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Senior: 315
Under 30/student: 190 
FiB Fordel until 13 April: 245
FiB Fordel from 14 April: 280
BT Fordel: 262


    • Bjørn Tomren vocal, guitar
    • Åse Britt Reme Jacobssen vocal, guitar
    • Stein Urheim​ guitar 

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Grieg Foundation and

Vestland County Council


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