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20 May - 03 June 2020

Dancing to music

Past events:

​How should a dance critic approach a performance where the music is just as important as the choreography? 

Echo Flux is Artistic Director Annabelle Bonnéry's first programming for Carte Blanche. With the double performance as a starting point, this debate in collaboration with The Norwegian Critics' Association will revolve around how music and choreography work together in a performance. How do critical texts take the interdisciplinary work into account, and how do critics assess a choreographic work where music plays an important part?

After the talk, The Norwegian Critics' Association will announce the award for the best critical text of the year, Årets kritikk. 

With Judith Dybendal, Annabelle Bonnéry, Lisa Nøttseter and Henrik Hellstenius. The moderator is Julie Rongved Amundsen.

The conversation will be held in English. 

Photo: Helge Hansen



1 h​ 20 min.

Time Schedule

Dancing to music at 18:00–19:00

Årets kritikk at 19:00–19:20




    • Judith Dybendal 
    • Lisa Nøttseter
    • Annabelle Bonnéry 
    • Henrik Hellstenius
    • Anette Therese Pettersen moderator

In collaboration with

Norsk Kritikerlag​

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