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24 May - 7 June 2023

Daði Freyr

Festival square

Past events:

  • Kalenderikon
    Torgallmenningen, Festallmenningen

​Space travel with a disco beat.

Most people who follow the Eurovision Song Contest probably remember the tall, long-haired Icelander dressed in a blue-green spacesuit making quirky dance moves. Daði & Gagnamagnið were tipped to win before the contest was cancelled in 2020.

Nevertheless, Daði Freyr's electropop hit Think About Things went viral, and the following year the artist and band represented Iceland with the song 10 years, reaching fourth place.

Daði Freyr has produced music for over a decade. After the international singing competition, the whole world has opened its eyes and ears to his delectable pop productions and warm, characteristic voice.

He continues to release delightful, light-footed synthpop, with one track more addictive than the next. This will be his first concert in Bergen.

Photo: Stefanie Schmid Rincon


Daði Freyr will also perform at Kulturhuset Friday 26 May.

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​30 min

Recommended age



    • Daði Freyr

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​Grieg Foundation  


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