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20 May - 03 June 2020

DJ Frietmachine

Outside Family
Scandinavian premiere
Past events:

​A frying party where both you and the potatoes will twirl.

​How much rhythm can you find in a modest potato? Drop by DJ Frietmachine at Festspillplassen, and you will feel the answer for yourself.

DJ Frietmachine is the most swinging potato installation in the world and makes both you and the potatoes dance. It observes, measures and examines whether you are down to earth with your potato. If you and your spud fall on good soil with DJ Frietmachine, a groovy tune is played while you deep-fry.

DJ Frietmachine won the audience award at a street festival in the Netherlands and was created by the group Superhallo. They perform with what they call "a theatre for the senses", and create charming installations and mini-shows that invite you on a personal adventure. In their slightly surreal world, everyday rituals are transformed into miraculous events. Each story has a tasteful climax that sends you back to reality with a big smile on your lips. Have a potato!

Photo (top): Tom Arran. DJ Frietmachine, photo: Hanneke Kruijver



2 h

Time Schedule

​The installation is open two hours from the given start times. 


Free admission

Recommended age



  • Superhallo idea, production
  • Selina Houwing, Martijn Jansen performers


  • Grieg Foundation
  • Kavli Trust​

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