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Goran Bregović Wedding and Funeral Band

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​​A legend from the Balkans brings the party to Bergen.

Goran Bregović started his career as a rock musician in his hometown of Sarajevo in the early 1970s. Since then, he has achieved a status as one of the most famous and critically acclaimed contemporary composers from the Balkans, with an achievement of more than 50 film soundtracks and studio albums to date. Bregović has collaborated with filmmakers such as Emir Kusturica and Sacha Baron Cohen, as well as artists such as Iggy Pop, Sezen Aksu and The Gipsy Kings.

Goran Bregović, who grew up with a Serbian mother and Croatian father, calls himself «Yugoslavian» and creates music that unites all musical expressions of the region: Gypsy brass bands, traditional Bulgarian music, bagpipes, electric guitars, traditional drums and stringed instruments. In recent years he has toured with his Wedding & Funeral band, which in 2017 released the album Three Letters From Sarajevo. The album is rooted in three pieces that use three different violins, written as a metaphor for the three major religions found in Sarajevo.

Photo: Nebojša Babić


Check out the album Three Letters From Sarajevo here.



​1 h 15 min


Standard: 250/410/510
Senior: 225/369/459
Under 30/student: 190 
FiB Fordel until 13 April: 175/287/357
FiB Fordel from 14 April: 200/328/408
BT Fordel: 187/307/382

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    • Goran Bregović Wedding and Funeral Band
    • Goran Bregović vocal, guitar, synth
    • Muharem Redzepi davul, vocal
    • Bokan Stankovic trumpet
    • Dragic Velickovic trumpet
    • Stojan Dimov saxophone, clarinet
    • Aleksander Rajkovic trombone, carillon
    • Milos Mihajlovic trombone
    • Ludmilla Radkova-Traykova vocal
    • Daniela Radkova-Aleksandrova vocal


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