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24 May - 7 June 2023

Grieg, Sæverud, Bull – and Anne-Marie Ørbeck

Past events:

  • Kalenderikon
    Kulturhuset, Lillesal
Get to know this year’s Festival composer.

Anne-Marie Ørbeck (1911–1996) was a composer from Bergen whose music was performed both nationally and internationally. Nonetheless, she was never as acknowledged or famous for her work as her local male colleagues were – and still are.

Indeed, not even people from Bergen, with their city patriotism and extraordinary ability to brag about their city compatriots, know who she is. So, how could this have happened? And is her story recognisable for women in the classical field in general? 

During the Bergen International Festival, you can meet the festival composer Anne-Marie Ørbeck through her music and this conversation led by journalist Marion Hestholm, who has explored Ørbeck's history and work for some time, including in NRK P2's programme Spillerom søndag

Today, we will get to know the composer from Wergelandsalleen a bit better in a talk about underrepresented, forgotten and hidden voices in classical music. 

The event will be held in Norwegian.

Photo: Bergens Tidende


​During this year's Festival, there will be three concerts with music by Ørbeck: A portrait concert in Håkonshallen, at the Closing concert and at Fuko Ishii's concert in Grieg's villa.

Image: Edvard Grieg (photo: Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek), Harald Sæverud (photo: Jon Eriksbakken), Ole Bull (photo: Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek)
  • Debate
  • Free



​1 h




    •  Ingrid Skovdahl Musicologist, Journalist  
    • Arnulf Christian Mattes Associate Professor musicology, Leader of Centre for Grieg Research
    • Lars Petter Hagen Festival Director
    • Marion Hestholm Moderator, Journalist 

Supported by

The Fritt Ord Foundation


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