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24 May - 7 June 2023

Hania Rani

Past events:

​A musical meteor.

"I think I am the same as an artist and as a person. Music is my way of communication and I see the art, the music as a whole thing, with no borders, divisions, or even genres." writes Hania Rani.  

The award-winning pianist, composer and singer calls what she does punk, and has received a lot of attention quickly for her innovative, genre bending music.  

Rani grew up in Gdansk, and while studying classical piano she was introduced to jazz and electronica, widening her interests, and resulted in her wanting to mix Chopin and Shostakovich with Dave Brubeck and Moderat. The 2019 album debut made way for several critically acclaimed releases in different formats.  

Rani's music is somewhere in the landscape between jazz, classical and electronic music. Forbes described it in this way: 

"Rani's music was like the movement of waves in an ocean. Her music leads the listener in a dynamic fashion across an emotional landscape that is at times a gathering storm and others resolves into a deep meditative state."

The source of inspiration varies from Max Richter, Miles Davis and Nils Frahm to Portico Quartet, Radiohead and The Beatles, and for the concert in Grieghallen she will perform with Ziemowit Klimek on bass and moog.

Photo: Martyna Galla

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  • Grieghallen
    Accessible with wheelchair Designed for hearing impaired The venue has serving


​1 h 10 min


Standard: 260/550/650
Under 30/student: 200 
Senior: 234/495/585
FiB Fordel: 182/385/455
BT Fordel: 195/412/487


    • ​Hania Rani piano, synthesizer, vocals
    • Ziemowit Klimek bass, moog
    • Agata Dankowska sound
    • Gabriele Clementi lights


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