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20 May - 03 June 2020

hei kalas

Music Family
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​​Wonderous and peculiar music about all the big and small things in the world worth pondering.

​​This is about the big questions: Why does it hurt to eat ice cream too fast, or when the one you love is going away? Why is space infinite and why are all the goodies always on the top shelf so you cannot reach them?

Anything that makes you happy, sad or full of questions is the theme of the music performed by hei kalas, and together with the audience, they wonder about everything between heaven and earth.

With lyrics that both children and adults can relate to, hei kalas tells little nice and weird stories about everyday things and everything you think and experience. We never get too old to ask why everything is as it is.

hei kalas consists of Heidi Marie Vestrheim, Annikken Theodorsen and Roy Ole Førland. Their debut album hvorfor er jeg allergisk will be out in August, but during the Festival you will get a preview. The trio brings a couple of guests on stage to celebrate the new music in this concert. Among the songs on the album is Stygge dyr (Ugly Animals), where the artists put the not so cute animals that nobody sings about in the limelight.

Photo: Jan Khür

Available until 23 August 2020. This service is offered by the Bergen International Festival. The music is reproduced with permission by TONO ( Unauthorized performance or copying is illegal.



​40 min

Recommended age



    • Heidi Marie Vestrheim vocal, guitar  
    • Annikken Theodorsen vocal, accordeon
    • Roy Ole Førland vocal, keyboard, computer
    • Stig Sandbakk-Lundblad vocal, guitar
    • Sigmund Vestrheim drums
    • Alvin Vestrheim bass

Supported by

The Kavli Trust


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