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24 May - 7 June 2023

Isabelle Faust & Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin

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​Musical explorations with the most prolific composer of all time.

​Georg Philipp Telemann wrote his first opera at the age of twelve, and during his lifetime he composed a wide variety of works including oratorios, passions, cantatas, orchestral suites, and solo concertos. He is noted in Guinness World Records 2022 as the most productive composer of all time. In the eighteenth century Telemann was more widely famed than both Handel and Bach, but he faded quickly into obscurity after his death in 1767. Over 250 years later his extensive catalogue has attracted the interest of new performers and audiences.

The early music ensemble Akamus – Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin (The Academy of Early Music Berlin) has made a major contribution to the rediscovery of Telemann. Over the past forty years the orchestra has impressed critics and audiences alike with its versatility and its musical explorations. The world-renowned violinist Isabelle Faust is just one of the profiled soloists to collaborate with Akamus. She immerses herself in the historical context of each piece, focusing on instrumentation and authenticity, and is known for her enthusiasm and thoroughness.

Isabelle Faust and Akamus join forces to perform a selection of works that demonstrates the breadth of Telemann's chamber compositions. 

Photo: Uwe Arens

Isabelle Faust. Photo: Felix Broede
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​1 h 40 min incl. interval


Standard: 460/510
Under 30/student: 200 
Senior: 414/459
FiB Fordel: 322/357
BT Fordel: 345/382

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    • Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin 
    • Bernhard Forck violin, concertmaster
    • Isabelle Faust violin
    • Ute Hartwich trompet 

Music by

    • Telemann
    • Georg Philipp Telemann (1681–1767)
      Ouverture-Suite in B flat minor, TWV 55:h4
      1. Ouverture
      2. Gavotte
      3. Loure
      4. Rejouissance. Très vite
      5. La Bravoure
      6. Menuet
      7. Rodomontate

      Violin Concerto in A minor, TWV 51:a1
      1. Adagio
      2. Allegro
      3. Adagio
      4. Presto 

      Trio Sonata no. 3 in B minor, TWV 42:h3
      (for 2 violins and Basso continuo, from «Sonates Corellisantes»)
      1. Grave
      2. Vivace
      3. Adagio e staccato – Allegro assai
      4. Soave
      5. Presto 

      Violin Concerto in A major «Die Relinge», TWV 51:A4
      1. Allegro
      2. Adagio
      3. Menuet - Alternativement

    • Interval

      Quintet in D major, TWV 44:1 
      1. Sinfonia. Spirituoso
      2. Largo
      3. Vivace

      Concerto for 2 Violins in E minor, TWV 52:e4
      1. Andante
      2. Allegro
      3. Adagio
      4. Presto

      Concerto for Violin, Cello, Trumpet and Strings in D major, TWV 53:D5
      1. Vivace
      2. Adagio
      3. Allegro

Supported by

The Savings Bank Foundation DNB – Dextra Musica


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