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24 May - 7 June 2023

Kim Myhr

Sympathetic Magic

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​A visionary in massive format.

The Norwegian guitarist and composer Kim Myhr has performed solo concerts all around the world. Last year saw the release of the album Sympathetic Magic, which is on an even larger scale than Myhr's previous albums. Myhr worked on the album with just one musician at a time during the pandemic.

'All this positive, joyful energy felt completely magical as it appeared from nothing in an otherwise dark situation. It all felt like a hallucination which went back into the music. Sympathetic Magic is like a dream within a dream,' writes Myhr.

His soundscape is somewhere between jazz, improvisation, alternative rock and contemporary music. For his previous releases, Myhr was nominated for the Nordic Music Prize and Spellemann (Norwegian Grammies).

Myhr is currently touring with his latest material, where a star team of eight musicians play an array of instruments such as electric 12-string guitars, drum machines, vocals, synthesisers, drums, percussion and organ.

'Kim Myhr is a master of slow-morphing rhythms and sun-dappled textures that seem to glow from the inside.' – THE GUARDIAN

Photo: Orfee Schuijt


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​1 h 15 min


Standard: 310
Under 30/student: 200 
Senior: 279
FiB Fordel: 217
BT Fordel: 232

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    • Kim Myhr guitars, synthesizer
    • Anja Lauvdal organ, synthesizers
    • Håvard Volden electric guitars
    • Adrian Myhr electric guitar, bass 
    • David Stackenäs  electric guitars
    • Ingar Zach kettledrum, percussion 
    • Hans Hulbækmo drums
    • Michaela Antalova drums
    • Martin Myrvold lighting design  
    • Stig Gunnar Ringen sound design

Music by

    • ​Myhr
    • Kim Myhr (1981–)
      Sympathetic Magic
      • And I Thought These Are My People 
      • Gifting Senslessly In Endless Lavishness
      • Move The Rolling Sky 
      • Iridescent 
      • Up To The Sun Shall Go Your Heartache 
      • I Wonder If I Shall Fall Right Through The Earth
      • Heart Streams ​


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