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Lille Eyolf

Past events:

Ibsen as interpreted by star director Michael Thalheimer.

What place do children have in our lives? And what is the worst thing that can happen to a mother and father?

The Allmers family lives by the fjord; parents Rita and Alfred, and nine-year-old Eyolf, who walks with a crutch because of an accident when he was an infant. Their child's accident has affected the couple ever since, and enormous guilt, jealousy and secret love make family life tense. But when the so-called "Rat Maiden" offers to remove that which is biting and gnawing inside their home, Rita and Alfred deny they have anything they want to get rid of.

The family drama Little Eyolf from 1894 is among the final works written by Henrik Ibsen. It is considered one of the playwright's darkest and delves deep into life's existential questions.

In this co-production between Den Nationale Scene and the Bergen International Festival, Little Eyolf is staged by German director Michael Thalheimer. The award-winning director is one of Europe's most prominent and acclaimed and enjoyed great success with Peer Gynt on Sweden's national stage Dramaten in 2018. He was the chief director at Deutsches Theater Berlin between 2005–2008 and has been the in-house director and member of the artistic team at the Berliner Ensemble since 2017.

Photo: Sebastian Dalseide


Lille Eyolf will have its premiere at Den Nationale Scene 20 May 2022, and will be performed until 25 June 2022. Read more at (in Norwegian).

Friday 13 May at 18:00, there will be a conversation with director Michael Thalheimer in the theatre bar at Den Nationale Scene. Read more at



Standard: 410
Senior: 369
Under 30: 190
FiB Fordel until April 13: 287
FiB Fordel from April 14: 328
​BT Fordel: 307


​Performed in Norwegian


    • By Henrik Ibsen
    • Michael Thalheimer director
    • Henrik Ahr scenography
    • Michaela Barth costume design
    • Bert Wrede composer
    • Seppo Laukkanen producer
    • Annika Silkeberg dramaturgy
    • Frode Bjorøy, Stine Robin Eskildsen, Kirsti-Helene J. Engeberg, Knut Erik Engemoen, Anne Regine Ellingsæter, Artur Hakalahti cast

Produced by

​Den Nationale Scene in collaboration with Bergen International Festival


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