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20 May - 03 June 2020

Pepe & Speedy

Music Family
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​A musical journey with guitar, saxophone and pepephon.

​Who said that a clarinet can only be used to blow into? And that instrument bags do not belong on stage? They are both superb percussion instruments!

Austrian jazz musicians Christoph Pepe Auer and Manfred Temmel use guitars, clarinets, saxophones and other items when they explore sounds, rhythms and melodies. They have even created a brand-new instrument: The pepephon!

The music varies from fast-paced gypsy jazz to celestial melodic songs, groovy rhythms and swinging waltzes – self-composed as well as excerpts from pop, jazz and classical music. With playfulness and creativity, the audience is invited to an interactive musical experience.


​We regret to announce that the concert at 13:00 has been cancelled. Customers who have purchased tickets will be contacted with an offer to exchange their tickets to the concert at 12:00 or receive a full refund.

Photo: Julia Wesely



40 min​


  • Standard: 150
  • Children: 100 

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  • Christoph Pepe Auer pepephon, clarinets, saxophone  
  • Manfred Temmel guitar  
  • Sigrid Reisenberger stage directions
  • Lilian Genn concept, dramaturgy  ​


  • Grieg Foundation

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