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Norwegian premiere
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A dance performance with air under its wings.

​Can you dance on a flying wall?

This was the dream of the members of the Italian company eVenti Verticali. The result is the outdoor performance Quadro, which is shown on an aerial stage above Torgallmenningen during this year's Bergen International Festival.

Like crayons over a blank sheet of paper, four dancers move above, on and around the hanging, white stage, ready to paint with acrobatic leaps high above the ground. The stage slowly changes position along the way, so that the difference between horizontal and vertical is gradually erased.

In vertical, non-traditional arenas, the company has created its own visual language that unites elements from theatre, circus, acrobatics, dance, music and new technology. The artists have performed on bell towers, facades, rock cliffs and trees, and now bring their performance to Norway for the first time.

Photo: eVenti Verticali


​This performance may be cancelled at short notice due to weather conditions.

Quadro (photo: eVenti Verticali)



​25 min



Recommended age



    • eVenti Verticali
    • Andrea Piallini, Luca Piallini idea
    • Marianna Andrigo choreography
    • Michela Lorenzano, Valentina Milan, Silvia Zotto, Elisa Alcalde Patanè artists
    • Andrea Piallini director
    • Aldo Aliprandi technician 
    • Claudia Muresu company manager​

Supported by

Grieg Foundation


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