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20 May - 03 June 2020

Quality and the power of definitions: Who decides?

Past events:

​​How to value arts and artists?

​​Critics, committees and councils are in a position to pass judgment on artistry. How do they decide who is worthy of support and encouragement, and who should be set aside? What criteria do they use when considering the value of art, and what could their personal background mean for how they engage with art?

Picture from left: Knut Oterholm (photo: Sonja Balci, OsloMet), Hilde Sandvik (photo: Helge Skodvin), Maria Utsi (photo: Øivind Arvola), Thomas Walle (photo: Haakon Harriss) 

Available until 22 November 2020.



​1 h


​The talk will be held in Norwegian. ​


  • Hilde Sandvik moderator
  • Maria Utsi council member, Arts Council Norway
  • Thomas Walle senior advisor, Musea i Sogn og Fjordane
  • Knut Oterholm associate professor, OsloMet

Produced in collaboration with

​​Tekstallianse and The House of Literature

Supported by

​The Fritt Ord Foundation


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