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20 May - 03 June 2020

Room of Organs

Do It Yourself Performance

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Finnish artist collective Ilmastokirkko has created a performance you put on yourself.

Room of Organs – Do It Yourself Performance is an instruction-based performance, where you create a performance for yourself based on simple video, text and audio instructions.

In the times of isolation, Room of Organs takes a moment to acknowledge, explore and embrace coexistence and collaborations in and outside of our bodies. Room of Organs is an intimate experience, playful journey and a sacred moment, dedicated to the bodies of ecological crisis.

To be able to start Room of Organs, you'll need a room where the performance happens and at least one hour. The final length of the performance depends on what pace you choose to do it. In the performance you will e.g. create an altar of things you can find from your current environment.

Ilmastokirkko (Climate Church) is a finnish performing art project and collective exploring the relationship between ecological crisis and sacredness.

The performance starts with the video below. After watching the video, please continue to

Due to a technical error, this world premiere was delayed an hour from 18:00 to 19:00 on Saturday 30 May. The start video will be shown again in the Festivals channels on Sunday 31 May at 17:45. The perfromance may be experienced at any time by visiting

Photo: Climate Church



​1 h

Time Schedule

This performance can be done wherever you are, at your convenience. The artists recommend you have an hour available. 


    • Ilmastokirkko:
    • Laura Marleena Halonen concept, dramaturgy, texts, performance
    • Ronja Louhivuori concept, dramaturgy, texts, performance
    • Ville Kabrell sound design, music

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