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24 May - 7 June 2023


Past events:

​Hooman Sharifi meets Motorpsycho live on stage.

Sacrificing is about the intensely fierce and massive music in coexistence with the lonely body. 

Hooman Sharifi performs to music of the legendary Norwegian rock band Motorpsycho in an experimental and expressive concert hybrid. The performance draws inspiration from the ballet The Rite of Spring, Igor Stravinsky's masterpiece in which a young girl is chosen as a sacrifice and dances herself to death.

Hooman Sharifi is a dancer, choreographer and former theatre manager for Carte Blanche. He often uses dance as a political and activist medium in his work. He regards the performing arts as a place for dialogue and confrontation in both possible and impossible projects. The renowned band Motorpsycho plays an experimental mix of psychedelic rock, jazz, metal and punk. In this performance, you have a rare opportunity to experience them in a line-up featuring Bent Sæther, Hans Magnus Ryan and Thomas "Tos" Nieuwenhuizen, who also tours as a keyboardist with the band Sunn O))).

In Sacrificing, Sharifi and Motorpsycho explore aspects of sacrifice linked to the ritualistic, ceremonial and theatrical, but also to everyday life. In 2020, meaningful activities were sacrificed at the altar of Covid 19, and the climate issue continues to claim its victims in the future. In Sharifi's embodiment of Motorpsycho's restless and forceful breaking seas of sound, a question emerges about what you are willing to sacrifice to maintain your own existence.

Photo: Nyebilder

Hooman Sharifi meets Motorpsycho.
  • Music
  • Dance


  • Den Nationale Scene
    Accessible with wheelchair Designed for hearing impaired The venue has serving


​1 h 20 min


Standard: 260/390/440
Under 30/student: 200 
Senior: 234/351/396
FiB Fordel: 182/273/308
BT Fordel: 195/292/330

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    • Motorpsycho & Impure Company concept, idea
    • Hooman Sharifi dance, choreography, light design
    • Bent Sæther, Hans Magnus Ryan, Thomas Nieuwenhuizen music
    • Ketil Nicolaysen sound 
    • Rikke Baewert producer
    • Cecilie Lykke management


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