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24 May - 7 June 2023

The egg


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​Shadow play for the youngest children.

The forest comes to life one early morning, and a forest fairy stumbles upon a large egg. She dreams of who is inside the shell and decides to watch over the egg.

In this non-linguistic performance, we follow the wondrous transformation from an egg to a newly hatched baby bird and the baby bird's transformation into a beautiful, full-grown bird who can fly. 

The egg is a visual poetic performance with shadow play, music and movement for the youngest children and their families, and actors Thea Elisabeth Skallevold and Anette Løbach focuses on the fine-tuned interaction between performers and audience.

Photo: Kim Edgard Bachel


​​This event is part of Småspill, a children's arts festival created by the Bergen International Festival and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

  • Theatre
  • Family



​30 min


Standard: 65
FiB Fordel: 45
BT Fordel: 48

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Recommended age



​The performance contains no spoken language


    • Thea Elisabeth Skallevold director, concept, producer, cast
    • Anette Løbach producer, director assistant, technician, shadow play, cast
    • Ingebjørg Buen technician, shadow play consultant
    • Tormod Fuglestad, Håvard Steensen shadow play consultant
    • Thale Kvam Olsen set design, costume
    • Johannes Skyberg composer, music
    • Evelina Petrova music
    • Kristjan Belgau lighting design


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