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The Morning Star

World premiere
Past events:

​Dramatisation of Knausgård's novel.

It is the tail end of the summer holidays, and an unusual heat is spreading unrest in Bergen. One night, a huge star appears in the sky. No one knows for sure what kind of phenomenon it is. Simultaneously, strange things are beginning to happen on the outskirts of human society. In a few fateful days, most things will change.

In a mixture of magic and realism, decisive events in the lives of a few people are depicted. It is about being or not being true to oneself and to others. It is about the relationship between parents and children, and between spouses and outsiders. But first and foremost, it is about what happens when the dark forces of the world are set free.

Karl Ove Knausgård has written an ambitious and fascinating intertwining novel about great forces and small human destinies. Yet again, he views the great drama through the limited lens of a small life.

The Morning Star is the Swedish director Linus Tunström's Norwegian directorial debut. Collaborating is the playwright Armin Kerber, with whom Tunström has often worked before. Set designer is Thilo Reuther.

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The Morning Star will have its world premiere at Den Nationale Scene 21 May, and will be performed until 22 June 2022. Read more at (in Norwegian).



Standard: 240/410/480
Senior: 2165/369/432
Under 30: 190

FiB Fordel until April 13: 168/287/336  
FiB Fordel from April 14: 192/328/384  
BT Fordel: 180/307/360


​Performed in Norwegian


    • By Karl Ove Knausgård
    • Dramatized by Armin Kerber
    • Linus Tunström director
    • Armin Kerber dramaturgy
    • Thilo Reuther scenography
    • Christina Lovery costume design
    • Linus Fellbom light design
    • Reny Gaassand Folgerø, Eirik del Barco Soleglad, Jonatan Filip, Emilia Roosman, Katrine Dale, Svein Harry Schöttker-Hauge cast

Produced by

​Den Nationale Scene in collaboration with Bergen International Festival


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