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The Mute

A silent love story

Music Theatre
Past events:

​A symphonic silent theatre performance by Christian Eriksen and Janove Ottesen.

The audience success and Hedda Award winner The Mute is coming to Grieghallen with Janove Ottesen, Christian Eriksen and the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra. "Impressive, original and touching", the Stavanger Aftenblad reviewer wrote after its premiere in Stavanger. "Great originality and well performed", the Hedda Award jury thought and named The Mute performance of the year.

The Mute is a love story between a woman and a man told in the form of recollections by the two who have now become old. Small excerpts from a life lived together show longings, memories, vulnerability, infatuation and hope. The story is told via the tools of a silent film, with wordless acting, tailor-made music, refined scenography, characteristic costumes and rehearsed body language.

'Without the precision of the words, the audience is invited to add more to it themselves and to dream away, into the situation, into the music and into the imagination, says screenwriter and actor Christian Eriksen.

Telling an entire story without words places high demands on the other forms of expression, being body language, scenography, and not least the music.

'All the emotions of life can be expressed through music. It has been my mantra throughout the process, says composer Janove Ottesen.

The Mute is his very first large symphonic work, a magnificent journey in picturesque sound expression, with Janove's signature intact. The listener is drawn from Morricone-like themes via burlesque funfair music to dark and dramatic pieces.

Photo: Arne Bru Haug



​1 h 10 min


Standard: 250/550/650
Senior: 225/495/585
Under 30/student: 190 
FiB Fordel until 13 April: 175/385/455
FiB Fordel from 14 April: 200/440/520
BT Fordel: 175/385/455


    • By Janove Ottesen & Christian Eriksen
    • Janove Ottesen music, arrangement
    • Christian Eriksen  script, concept
    • Kristiansand Symfoniorkester
    • Nick Davies conductor
    • Janove Ottesen piano
    • Christian Eriksen, Nina Ellen Ødegård, Matias Kuoppala cast
    • Christian Eriksen, Arne Nøst direction
    • Arne Nøst scenography
    • Therese Markhus choreography
    • Christina Lovery  costume designer
    • Jill Tonje Holter make up
    • Reidar Richardsen light design, animation
    • Gisle Kverndokk orchestration

Produced by

​Janove Ottesen and Christian Eriksen


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