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20 May - 03 June 2020


Past events:

​What happens in a body exposed to art?

​A hallmark of good art is that it should in some way touch us. It should trigger movement, whether it results in melancholy, euphoria or rage. But how does art actually affect us? What is going on in a body that experiences art, be it music, literature or visual arts?

Image: Hilde Østby, Peder Kjøs, Karin Kukkonen (photo: UiO)​

Available until 3 June 2020.



​1 h


​The talk will be held in Norwegian.


    • Hilde Østby moderator
    • Peder Kjøs psychologist
    • Karin Kukkonen professor, comparative literature at University of Oslo

Produced in collaboration with

​The House of Literature

Supported by

​The Fritt Ord Foundation


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