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20 May - 03 June 2020


From Bergen International Festival 2018

Past events:
A genre sweep for all the senses. 
​Within a quarter of a century, the musical collective from Oslo has dipped into black metal, classical music, improvisations, progressive and industrial rock, and then some. Last year's album, The Assassination of Julius Caesar, is another transformation: In their usual bold way, the band went ahead and recorded what they call their pop album. However, the record is far from nerve-wrecking radio noise and pastel coloured ear candy. In Ulver's universe, 'pop' is more of an honorary label implying spontaneity and potential body movements.

The band delves into the 80s music from their youth, with dark drum, bass, and synth rhythms and 'stuffed with finesse and smart, subtle, and untraditional twists in the arrangements that give the album a contemporary quality', according to Dagbladet.

In their unruly manner, Ulver plays with myths, history, and popular culture, linking together Princess Diana and Greek mythology, via the attempted assassination of the Pope and satanism, on their latest album. The band has always preferred to do their own thing and has, among other things, performed at the Literary festival in Lillehammer, the Opera, Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, Volksbühne in Berlin, and in a gigantic bamboo maze in Italy.

Photo: Thor Brødreskift

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    Tore Ylvisaker keyboards

    Kristoffer Rygg vocals og percussion

    Ole Alexander Halstengård electronics

    Ivar Thormodsæter drums

    Anders Møller percussion

    Stian Westerhus guitar


    Birk Nygaard lazer og lights

    Christopher Fullard sound



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