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20 May - 03 June 2020

Wandering Stories

Past events:

​​Where are you from? What have you experienced?

​Together with artist Doriansgrave, the Bergen International Festival and the House of Literature have invited people with a migration background to tell their own wandering story; about choosing paths and navigating between multiple cultures.

Photo: Doriansgrave

Available until 24 November 2020.



​1 h 30 min


​​The conversation will be held in Norwegian, English and others.


    • Doriansgrave contamporary artist, director
    • Shelmith dancer
    • Atia Ijaz preformer
    • Marta Engevik Fjæreide preformer
    • Celine Adobea Johansen  preformer
    • Camena Costa  preformer
    • Carol Stompone  preformer
    • Marija Vlasova visuals

Produced in collaboration with

​​The House of Literature

Supported by

​The Fritt Ord Foundation


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