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20 May - 03 June 2020

Yana & the Yeti

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​A hairy story about a child's fight for being understood.

Imagine being far, far away from home and all alone. You arrive in a remote and snow-bound village surrounded by dense forest and strange noises. This is how the story about Yana begins. She does not understand a word of what the villagers are saying, and the other children taunts her with stories of mythical mountain monsters.

Yana & the Yeti is a dark, funny, and gripping story about a child's determination and fight to be understood, and the discovery that friends come in all shapes and sizes – and sometimes with a lot more hair than you had imagined.

Lifelike puppets play the lead in this charming family performance that constantly involves the audience and features beautiful winter landscapes and new exclusive music. The midnight sun and northern lights create a world that will easily fascinate you while the use of mime, puppeteering, and a mixed European language evoke associations to Lewis Carroll's nonsensical poem Jabberwocky. The performance is suitable for everybody regardless of language.

"Magical, beguiling, emotional and eye-wideningly beautiful" – BRISTOL 24/7

Photo: Adam DJ Laity



1 h


  • Standard: 250
  • Children: 100
  • Senior: 225
  • Under 30: 190
  • FiB Fordel until 11 March: 175
  • FiB Fordel from 12 March: 200
  • BT Fordel: 187

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  • Pickled Image & Nordland Visual Theatre producers
  • Hattie Naylor & Pickled Image writers
  • Emma Lloyd director
  • Dik Downey, Lizzie Johnson, Katie Hood, Harry Richardson, James Horne & Maria Strand Renberg set design, props
  • Pickled Image & Emma Powell puppet maker
  • Linda Anneveld & Alice Rose costume design
  • Simon Preston composer
  • Adam DJ Laity video design, photo
  • Gwen Scott technician
  • Vicky Andrews, Adam Fuller, Jonnie Dixon, Nikki Warwick performers

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