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May 30, 2019

Eins Zwei Drei is an infernal, fast-moving and visually captivating performance, directed by the Swiss choreographer/scenographer/clown Martin Zimmermann. He takes a closer look at authority, submission and freedom, and the tensions that arise when encountering good taste, order and etiquette.

Three clowns come together in a sterile museum. The white-faced one dominant and educated, the others comical bunglers – one kind-hearted and naive, one cheeky and insensitive. How do they cope with living together in the strictly controlled environment? In their attempts to find their place in the system, they practically wage war on one another. The piece is about surviving in a small community in the throes of breaking down, and in an acrobatic, tragic and laughable way it is demonstrated how fragile the world actually is. The absurd story is musically underpinned by the fourth person on stage, celebrated jazz pianist Colin Vallon.


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