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25 May - 08 June 2022

Volunteering at the Bergen International Festival

The volunteers are an important part of the festival, and this year the volunteers will be more important than ever.  

Volunteers at the Bergen International Festival 2015. Photo: Espen Nystog Aas
Volunteers at the Bergen International Festival 2015. Photo: Espen Nystog Aas

The 2021 Bergen International Festival must be planned in accordance with current laws and regulations from the government and local authorities. As these are updated monthly, it’s currently impossible to know what the situation will be in May. We will still do everything we can to ensure you will have a rewarding and meaningful experience as a volunteer at the 2021 Festival. 

Below you can read more about which tasks the festival needs volunteers for in 2021, and which benefits we can offer. 

Sign up to volunteer at the 2021 Bergen International Festival here.

See what it's like to volunteer at the Bergen International Festival


As a volunteeryou’ll get: 

  • A digital Festival pass  
  • Festival tote Bag 
  • Festival T-Shirt  
  • Festival bag 
  • Festival drinking bottle
  • Face mask with Festival logo 
  • Certification of work 

Types of volunteer jobs 

As a volunteer for the Bergen International Festival, you can work alongside the staff in various productions. As a Festival Assistant you will gain a broad and unique insight into the festival, you can welcome guest artists to the city as an Artist Host or assist the Festival audience at events as an Audience Host. You will meet many people, experience exciting culture and gain valuable experience as part of one of the Nordic region's largest festivals. 

We need volunteers with all kinds of qualities, so whether you speak several languages, love practical work or are service-minded, we want you!

Festival Assistant (no: Festivalassistent)
Are you resourceful and curious about the different sides of the festival? 

During this year's festival, we need many solution-oriented volunteers who can execute various tasks when needed. There will be variation in both tasks and workload, and the job can include everything from preparation for events, information and promotion work, delivery of equipment to venue, to stepping in as an audience host at various Festival venues, etc. 

As a Festival assistant, your main job is to be available for tasks during the Festival, but you can also be assigned to shifts with specific assignments. Shifts will be given for time period when you must be prepared to step in wheneededWe will be needing Festival assistants for both morning and afternoon shifts, and you are expected to work between 20 and 25 hours over the festival. 

Please note any skills / experiences that might be relevant, as this makes it easier for us to know which tasks are right for you. Please write this in the comments field 

Audience host (no: Publikumsvert) 
Do you want to be the face of the Festival? 

The Audience hosts job is to assist the audience at the venues. This year, emphasis will be placed on measures to prevent the spread of the virus, and as an audience host, this will be one of your most important tasks. The working hours are determined by the duration of the performances, normally 34 hours. It is expected that you work between 20 and 25 hours over the festival. 

This year it will not be possible to register your preferences regarding which performances you´d like to work atTo stop the spread of the virus, we must limit the number of meeting points between volunteers. If you have wishes for which venues you would like to work at, you can enter a maximum of three venues in the comments field. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that everyonepreferences will be met. 

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Venues 2021

  • Universitetsaulaen
  • Studio Bergen
  • Siljustøl
  • Bergen Domkirke
  • Troldsalen
  • Håkonshallen
  • Fyllingsdalen teater
  • Grieghallen
  • Skjerjehamn
  • Dale
  • Outdoors

Artist contact
Are you welcoming, enjoy meeting new people and know your way around the city? 

Every year, the Festival invites a number of national and international artists and wants to present the city to them in the best way possibleAs Artist contact, you will be a host for visiting artists and function as the link between them and the Festival administration. You must ensure that the artists have a pleasant first encounter with the Festival, and that they feel welcome, safe and informed throughout their stay, from arrival to departure. As Artist contact, you must be available by phone and be fluent in Norwegian or English.

The artist contact group fills up quicklyRelevant candidates will be contacted for an interview, and experience from similar work is an advantage. We also encourage you to apply for other volunteer jobs, where the number of volunteers needed is greater.

Please note which languages you know in the comment field. 


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