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One of USA’s most spectacular and critically acclaimed artists to the Bergen International Festival!

Taylor Mac is an actor, singer-songwriter, performance artist, director and producer. Mac (who uses ‘judy’ not as a name but as a gender pronoun) has been named ‘A critical darling of the New York scene’ by NY Magazine, and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize For Drama in 2017. Taylor Mac was awarded the 2020 International Ibsen Award for his contribution to theatre.

Mac’s work has been described as a ‘fight against conformity and categorization’, and it has been performed at New York City’s Lincoln Center, London’s Hackney Empire, Los Angeles’s Royce Hall, Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre, the Sydney Opera House, Stockholm’s Sødra Theatern, San Francisco’s Curran Theater and MOMA, as well as at hundreds of other theaters, museums, opera houses and festivals around the globe.

“I believe the more personal risk I take in the work the more the audience will relate and see the whole of their humanity reflected back at them. So, through art, I try to be as masculine, feminine, ugly, beautiful, intelligent, base, chaotic, graceful, joyful, sorrowful, perfect and flawed as I am in real life.”

- Taylor Mac

In Bergen, the work will, for the first time, be arranged for a symphony orchestra. Commissioned by the Bergen International Festival and Pomegranate Arts, its world premiere will be performed by the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. The programme will feature new arrangements of American classics from Civil War ballads to cowboy legends to disco.

After the show’s premiere in New York in 2016, The New York Times’ critic wrote that it had been ‘…one of his life’s greatest experiences’.

A 24-Decade History of Popular Music is likely to become one of the most extraordinary experiences at the 2022 edition of the Bergen International Festival. You can also meet Taylor Mac in conversation for an hour behind the scenes.

Supported by Vestland County Council.

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