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26 May - 09 June 2021

Our Partners

Art and cultural experiences move us. They inspire personal and collective growth. Meet our partners and investors!

A partnership with the International Festival opens the door to unique experiences and close encounters with the arts in a mix of involvement, new technology and new ideas. Collaborating with us says something about our partners' identity as well as values.

The Bergen International Festival has great ambitions. We shall – together with our partners – reach out to even larger audiences with our art and we shall create the leading festival of its kind in Europe

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Anders Beyer
Festival Director
Phone: +47 55 21 06 30

Elise Hopland Irgens
Sponsorship Manager (temp.)
Phone: +47 55 21 06 30

Lene Therese Steimler (on leave)
Sponsorship Manager
Phone: +47 55 21 06 30


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