RETRO CATFamilies welcome!

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​Dance performance with no age limits.

To Carte Blanche – the Norwegian national company of contemporary dance, movement and dance is a universal language in the everyday lives of children, adults and those who are mature of age, regardless of background and experience. Therefore, the ensemble welcomes the whole family to this year's Bergen International Festival performance RETRO CAT

RETRO CAT is a playful, absurd performance where you'll find the rear end of a giant cat amid imaginative surroundings. Norwegian artist and composer Tori Wrånes has created spectacular works of art worldwide. In this world premiere of RETRO CAT, Wrånes' artistic signature is all over: on the choreography, composition, set design, and costume design.

Over several years, Carte Blanche's family performances have received good feedback from the audience. Here, the audience is allowed to make sounds and move around at will. 

Read more about the performance and buy tickets for the evening events here.

Photo: Sjur Pollen/Carte Blanche

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  • Tori Wrånes choreography, scenography, costume design, mask design

  • Robert Roespel lighting design

  • Gunnar Innvær sound design

  • Tori Wrånes, Joar Renolen composition

  • Indrani Balgobin costume manager

  • Caroline Eckly, Nadege Kubwayo, Dawid Lorenc, Adrian Bartczak, Aslak Aune Nygård, Ole Martin Meland, Brecht Bovijn, Gaspard Schmitt, Naomi Schouten, Trine Lise Moe, Ihsaan de Banya, Mai Lisa Guinoo, Manon Campion, Irene Vesterhus Theisen dancers

A co-production with

Carte Blanche and Bergen International Festival in collaboration with BIT Teatergarasjen