Creating with VilVite - Festival square

Creating with VilViteFestival square

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​3 h

​Want to make music or build and experiment?

​When VilVite comes to the Festival square with lots of activities, it's all about what you can create yourself. On and around the outdoor stage at Torgallmenningen, there will be an open play and learning space where children of all ages can explore, develop, and have fun together by experimenting with technology and natural sciences.

Here, you can join in and create music in the music workshops LydLab and Kreativt instrumentverksted (creative music workshop). In LydLab, you can work magic by programming music with Soundtrap. In the instrument workshop, you can produce tones and music from unconventional items used as instruments. How about creating sound with aluminum foil? Or can you make music out of something you can eat?

In addition, you can explore how energy works when you, together with others, build a large chain reaction. Can you get all the pieces to fall, both downward and upward? Your creativity can also be unleashed among thousands of blocks at the Lego tables, and the youngest ones can have fun programming the little robot Bee-Bot.

What exciting things is the show host going to do in the science show? Will there be flames, bangs, and smoke? You get to decide!

Photo: Thor Brødreskift


Sunday 26 May: LydLab is best suited for children aged 12 and above or younger children accompanied by an adult. Other activities are suitable for explorers and creators of all ages. 

Monday 27 May: The school day is suited for the youngest elementary school classes, and LydLab is suited for levels 6 and 7. Classes who want to participate Monday 27 May should sign up here.

Subject to programme adjustments in case of poor weather.

Time Schedule

Sunday 26 May

13:00–15:00 LydLab 
13:00–15:00 Creative music workshop
13:00–15:30 Lego workshop
13:00–15:30 Chain reaction
15:40–16:00 Science show

Monday 27 May

10:00–13:00 LydLab
10:00–13:00 Creative music workshop
10:00–13:10 Lego workshop
10:00–13:10 Chain reaction
13:10–13:30 Science show

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