El Laberint - Festival square

El LaberintFestival square

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Torgallmenningen, Festallmenningen
​6 h

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​Can you find your way out?

Behind a red curtain, you can step into a large labyrinth of steel bars and transparent, colored plastic panels.

To make it through to the other side, you must provide the correct answer to a riddle, answer a question, or solve a code. As in the sister project Titeretú, all mechanics are visible. When you pull strings or turn doorknobs, you will see which mechanisms are moving, and perhaps you can pick up a small hint about the way forward. Here, both young and old must use their brains to gain passage. Two heads are better than one: Bring along a helper or two and navigate the labyrinth together!

El Laberint, created by the Spanish theatre company Itinerània, has been popular in the outdoor programme at previous editions of the Bergen International Festival.

Photo: Itinerània

Time Schedule

​Open every day from 11:00–14:00 and 15:00–18:00*

*El Laberint opens at 15:00 on Thursday 23 May. Updated 23 May.

Recommended age



  • Furti Coromina, Paco Hernández design, construction

  • Jordi Armadans production

Made possible by

​Grieg Foundation

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