Forgotten voices IInger Bang Lund

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Siljustøl, Siljustøl
50 min

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A lifetime in music.

'It is always a joy to discover new composers in a musician's life. For me personally, it is especially exciting to delve into the lives of not just one, but two women who have written beautiful music that has not been heard before. The music is melodic, deep, and colourful – everything one could wish for,' says violinist Maria Angelika Carlsen. 

Together with pianist Ole Christian Haagenrud, she gives two concerts at Siljustøl featuring repertoire from little-known composers from Bergen. 

First up is Inger Bang Lund (1876–1968). At the age of three, she surprised her family by playing themes she had heard the brigade band perform in the music pavilion in Bergen. When she was 18 years old, she published a booklet with four piano pieces, and as a pianist, she performed, among others, with Nina Grieg.  

Johan Halvorsen (1864–1935), who was a central composer in early 20th-century Norway, eventually felt he had nothing more to teach Inger Bang Lund and recommended studies in Rome. She took her husband, children, and her own mother with her and stayed there for 12 years while pursuing music studies, concert performances, and composition. 

Back in Bergen, Bang Lund became a highly esteemed educator at the music conservatoire in Bergen and remained a respected pianist and composer. She left behind more than 50 compositions.

Photo: Bergen Public Library


In a mini concert series at Siljustøl, the Bergen International Festival highlights two Bergen composers: Inger Bang Lund and Borghild Holmsen. Both were considered great talents, travelled abroad for further studies, and achieved success both domestically and internationally. Today, their music is rarely performed. 

Arnulf Mattes, professor and head of the Centre for Grieg Research, introduces the composers at both concerts (in Norwegian). The introductions are supported by The Fritt Ord Foundation.


​Introduction in Norwegian. 


  • Maria Angelika Carlsen violin

  • Ole Christian Haagenrud piano

  • Arnulf Mattes introduction

Music by

  • Lund


Inger Bang Lund (1876–1978)
Vemod (Regret) for Violin and Piano

Bön (Prayer) for Solo Violin [Lento]

From Five Little Lyric Pieces
3. Albumblad

Andante for Violin and Piano

From three Piano Pieces
Cradle Song

Romance for Violin and Piano, op. 18

Supported by

​​The Savings Bank Foundation DNB – Dextra Musica

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