Gandr - Festival square

GandrFestival square

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Festallmenningen, Festallmenningen
​1 h

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​Shapeshifting dance and music with FRIKAR.

The word "gandr" is Old Norse for both "soul" and "staff." In their work with the captivating performance Gandr, the dance company FRIKAR has traveled alongside archaeologists to understand more about why dance has been so important in the cold north for 7,000 years.

Rhythms, nature, and transformative dance have become a ritual for the third millennium, where the company breathes life into ancient cultural heritage. The music is composed by Terje Isungset and incorporates joik, throat singing, and a range of instruments including jew's harp, goat horn, and drums. On the Festival square, the musicians are on stage while the dancers perform at ground level, right in front of the audience.

The dance company FRIKAR was founded in 2006 by Hallgrim Hansegård and has toured in 32 countries with its critically acclaimed combination of contemporary dance and old Norwegian traditions.

"FRIKAR excels in creating iconic images." – AVISA VALDRES

Photo: Hallgrim Hansegård

Recommended age



  • Hallgrim Hansegård concept, choreography

  • Line Maher costume

  • Anna Benedicte Andresen, Julianne SolliMarnie Josefine Fibieg dancers

  • Terje Isungset composition, jew's harp, goat horn, drums, stones, wood, metal

  • Torgeir Vassvik joik, throat singing, guitar 

  • Øyvind Skarbø drums

  • Svein Sandvold sound engineer

  • Ingvild Kristin Kirkvik producer Gandr 2022

  • Syv Mil w/Tora de Zwart Rørholt producer FRIKAR

Made possible by

​Grieg Foundation

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