Generation - A festival on ageing

GenerationA festival on ageing

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2 h

​A free one-day festival for a more ageing-friendly society.

'We are facing a historic decade. For the first time, there will be more elderly people than children in the world. Both the UN and the WHO call this one of the biggest societal challenges of the 21st century. In the Nordic countries, the changes will threaten the welfare state and our health services. It will also change the equality we take for granted and create a problematic everyday life for those who have the least, says Anna Helle-Valle, festival director of the fresh-thinking festival Generation – a festival on ageing.

More golden agers also mean more experienced and resourceful people with time and insight. It provides an opportunity for growth, change and a wiser, warmer community. Generation – a festival on ageing will stimulate new thoughts and convey knowledge that can contribute to a better future.

The festival is held for the first time during this year's Bergen International Festival. It is an ambitious venture with many partners and a desire to create more solidarity and sustainable cooperation between generations. The free event includes masterclasses for care workers, art experiences, political and scientific talks, practical workshops, research dissemination and a Kven club night with DJ Saunasatan.

Between 12:30 and 13:30, the festival visits the Festival square, where you can hear generation appeals, sing along with a generation choir, and protest and celebrate in a pro-ageing procession.

Generation – a festival on ageing is a broad and interdisciplinary collaboration, initiated by GC Rieber Foundations and festival director Anna Helle-Valle. Read more at  

Image: Anne (80) was the first trans person in Voss. Photo: Silje Katrine Robinson/Årringer

Time Schedule

​10:00–12:00: Programme at Litteraturhuset

12:30–13:30: Appeals and generation choir at the Festival square

14:00–15:00: Concert in the University aula

14:00–00:00: Programme at Litteraturhuset

In collaboration with

Generasjon – en aldringsfestival

Supported by

The Fritt Ord Foundation