Linearity - Festival square

LinearityFestival square

Performance type: 
​25 min

​It's not easy to get things right.

In a dance performance that draws inspiration from parkour and gymnastics, the Festival square is transformed into an unusual construction site. 

Two dancers in yellow safety helmets bring duct tape to make lines that go up, across, on the ground and on each other. As it turns out, creating straight lines in a chaotic world is not always so easy. 

Linearity is performed along the outline of a large square, with the audience outside the four lines. But just being a spectator is no use. You are encouraged to participate in this construction work and must contribute by creating your own lines if the job is going to get done. 

This playful outdoor performance demonstrates the challenge of being stuck in patterns as the lines must be crossed, torn and re-laid. 

The Joshua Monten Dance Company specialises in dancing in public spaces. Linearity has previously been set up in playgrounds, shopping centres, refugee camps, tunnels, beaches, and forests, and it is now coming to the Festival square. 

Photo: Joel Strübi


​Changed time: Linearity begins at 11:30 & 16:00 on Saturday 25 May (updated 9 April 2024)

Recommended age



  • ​Joshua Monten Dance Company

  • Yiorgos Pelagias dancer

  • Alina Lugovskaya dancer

Made possible by

​Grieg Foundation