Peer, du spiser! -

Peer, you're eating!

Performance type: 
1 h 30 min

​Gynt and good things are on the menu.

Prepare for a delectable and introspective experience when Christopher Haatuft and Andreas Liebe Delsett invite you to a lunch influenced by Peer Gynt.

The chef and restaurant owner has teamed up with the author and food writer, and together, they have been reading Ibsen – with their gastronomic spectacles on.

Inspired by Grieg and Ibsen's collaboration, they will attempt to combine magnificent gastronomy with searing social criticism. Will there be onions with or without a core? Can The Buckride be converted into a dish? And what do stories such as Peer Gynt and Terje Vigen tell us about the status of the nation's and Bergen's food culture? 

Image: Andreas Liebe Delsett (photo: Thomas Ekström/Kabaret)

Christopher Haatuft. Photo: David Torch




  • Andreas Liebe Delsett host, author, food writer 

  • Christopher Haatuft host, chef 

A collaboration between

Bergen International Festival, Lysverket and Andreas Liebe Delsett

Supported by

The Fritt Ord Foundation