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TiteretúFestival square

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Torgallmenningen, Festallmenningen
​6 h

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​Puppet theatre that lends you a hand.

In the installation Titeretú, the audience is invited to control a five-meter-tall puppet hand. To manipulate the figure, you must use your entire body to pull strings, step on pedals, all while playing a game that tests balance and coordination.

In traditional puppet theatre, the focus is on the puppet itself, while the mechanics remain hidden. In Titeretú, it's reversed: The construction and activity controlling the puppet take center stage. Here, the audience can see both the thread and what happens when you pull it.

The installation consists of five puppet hands made of wood and steel, all placed around the Festival square. Here, you can test your brain, precision, and patience. Whether you try to control the hand or prefer to be a spectator, Titeretú offers theatre craftsmanship of an unusual nature.

The installation is created by the Spanish theatre company Itinerània, which is also featured in the Festival with El Laberint.

Photo: Itinerània

Time Schedule

​​Open every day at 11:00–14:00 and 15:00–18:00*

*Titeretú opens at 15:00 on Thursday 23 May. Updated 23 May.

Recommended age



  • Sandra Sardà, Itinerània Company idea

  • Furti Coromina, Paco Hernández, Sandra Sardà, Carmen Rodriguez design, construction

Made possible by

​Grieg Foundation

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