Trio Mediæval -

Trio Mediævalwith Catalina Vicens

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1 h

​Divine voices from the medieval to the contemporary.

The choir book known as the Old Hall manuscript was lost to history for the best part of 400 years until its reappearance in a Catholic seminary at the end of the 19th century. The beautiful manuscript was the largest surviving collection of medieval motets and mass movements, and after its rediscovery it quickly became a central and celebrated source of English music of the period. 

On Trio Mediæval's album An Old Hall Ladymass(2023), the manuscript finds its female voices. The trio consists of Linn Andrea Fuglseth, Anna Maria Friman and Jorunn Lovise Husan, in the company of Catalina Vicens on the medieval instrument organetto. Side by side with medieval music, the programme is expanded with new music by David Lang and Marianne Reidarsdatter Eriksen.  

Formed in 1997, Trio Mediæval's acclaimed debut album Words of the Angel (2001) launched the group into the elite circles of early music ensembles and introduced them to a broad international audience.  

Photo: Åsa Maria Mikkelsen


  • Trio Mediæval

  • Anna Maria Friman, Linn Andrea Fuglseth, Jorunn Lovise Husan vocals

  • Catalina Vicens organetto


  • Catalina Vicens (1983–)

  • Sarum chant

  • Aleyn (fl.c. 1400)

  • John Cooke (ca. 1385–1442)
    Stella celi*

  • Catalina Vicens (1983–)
    Interludium I

  • Marianne Reidarsdatter Eriksen (1971–)
    Sol lucet

  • Leonel Power (ca. 1370–1445)
    Ave regina celorum*

  • Fonteyns ( 1400)
    Regali ex progenie*

  • Anonym (early 15th century)
    Regina celi (chant)

  • Catalina Vicens (1983–)
    Interludium II

  • Thomas Damett (ca. 1389–1437)
    Beata Dei genitrix*

  • John Cooke (ca. 1385–1442)
    Ave regina (chant)*

  • Thomas Bytteryng (15th century)
    Nesciens mater*

  • Catalina Vicens (1983–)
    Interludium III

  • Leonel Power (ca. 1370–1445)
    Beata progenies*

  • David Lang (1957–)
    Alleluia Amen

    *: from Old Hall Manuscript

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