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BIT20 EnsembleFestival square

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​30 min

​National treasures reinterpreted in OleBullsHits.

"How would it sound if Edvard Grieg and Ole Bull were from Transylvania?" This was one of the questions that organizer Bjørn Andor Drag and MiNensemblet considered during their work on the album OleBullsHits.

At the Festival square, OleBullsHits is performed by BIT20 Ensemble, and audience members expecting nationalistic romantic compositions may be surprised. The program offers a collection of compositions by Ole Bull and Edvard Grieg, based on Balkan-inspired folk music. Here, Harald Sæverud's Kjempeviseslåtten has become Kjempefiss, and Johannes Hanssen's Valdresmarsj has turned into Våtdressmarsj. Old classics are turned upside down, shaken up – but with deep respect for the original – and emerge in new, cheerful versions with offbeat rhythms and musical exuberance. The result has been described as "enjoyable and devilishly audacious reinterpretation" of our national treasures.

With a distinctive sound and energetic performances, the Bergen-based BIT20 Ensemble aims to put contemporary music on the agenda and open up a broader musical world. Together with renowned composers, they have contributed to the development of Nordic music and have been involved in several projects with children and youth, including a summer school for aspiring composers in collaboration with the Bergen International Festival. BIT20 Ensemble has performed at the Bergen International Festival on numerous occasions, including a collaboration in 2021 with artist Fredrik Saroea who is also featured at this year's Festival, and has worked closely with Festival composer Øyvind Torvund.

Photo: Linn Heidi Stokkedal

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  • ​BIT20 Ensemble 

  • Trond Madsen conductor 


From OleBullsHits

  • Holberg Sweet Mint / Preludium / Holberg-Suiten – Edvard Grieg

  • Olebullshit No. 2 / Norsk Dans No. 2 – Edvard Grieg

  • Dovro Gosh / I Dovregubbens Hall – Edvard Grieg

  • Ole Bojarer / Bojarenes Inntogsmarsj – Johan Halvorsen

  • Olebullshit No. 3 / Norsk Dans No. 3 – Edvard Grieg

  • Våtdressmarsj / Valdresmarsj – Johannes Hanssen

  • Den 12. mann / Nystemten – Johan Nordahl Brun

  • Kjempefiss / Kjempeviseslåtten – Harald Sæverud

  • Holmenkålmas / Holmenkollmarsj – Allan Johanson

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BIT20 Ensemble​

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