Bergen Student Radio - Festival square

Bergen Student RadioFestival square

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​2 h

​Festival vibes from an outdoor studio.

Studentradioen i Bergen – Bergen's student radio station – will broadcast daily from Torgallmenningen during the Festival with live reporting and festival excitement. The 14 broadcasts will be filled with interesting conversations and lots of fun in the outdoor studio with invited guests and other surprises related to this year's Festival programme.  

Follow the student radio under the canopy of the green-leaved tree, Næringslivets tre, in Torgallmenningen, or catch the good vibes on ear by listening to the radio (DAB or FM 107,8) and on  

Studentradioen i Bergen is the oldest local radio station in Bergen and broadcasts ad-free radio by and for students 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It's divided into six newsrooms and is run by approximately 200 volunteers who create both radio and podcasts. During the Festival, the radio station has a tradition of moving their studio out into the city, and this year the broadcasts will be live from the Festival square and into your home.

Photo: Thor Brødreskift


Tuesday 4 & Wednesday 5 June, the Student Radio broadcasts from their studio, not from Torgallmenningen.

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​Performed in Norwegian.

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Bergen Student Radio​

Made possible by

​Grieg Foundation

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