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1 h 30 min

​Breaking the bounds of a concert.

Imagine a musical experience that constantly finds new forms in its encounter with theatre, lighting and visual elements.

At Den Nationale Scene, Norway's oldest permanent theatre, you can make a closer acquaintance with Dmitri Shostakovich, one of the foremost composers of the twentieth century. The project is the brainchild of Det Norske Kammerorkester (Norwegian Chamber Orchestra), which has made finding new ways of presenting classical music its trademark.

In the performance the orchestra spins a thread through Shostakovich's varied musical styles, creating a musical narrative which is both inquisitive and dramatic, just as the composer's life was.

The title comes from Shostakovich's own musical signature, DSCH. He found the motif in the German transcription of his own name – Dmitri SCHostakowitsch – which he transferred to notes: D, E flat (Ess in German), C and B (called H in German – B is B flat).

These tones also form the basis for the Chamber Symphony, Rudolf Barshai’s arrangement of Shostakovich’s String Quartet no. 8. The work is a great audience favorite and will conclude this flamboyant performance, which is almost as much theater as it is a concert.

Photo: Magnus Skrede


  • Norwegian Chamber Orchestra

  • Pekka Kuusisto artistic director

  • Bjarke Mogensen accordion

  • Katrine Øigaard Sonstad idea, concept

  • Mikkel Harder Munck-Hansen direction, concept

  • Lars Egegaard Sørensen lighting design, set design

  • Maja Ravn set design, costumes

  • Øystein Sonstad musical preparations

  • Aleksandra Elchaninova choreography

  • Almira Zinnurova dancer

Music by

  • Sjostakovitsj


Dmitri Shostakovich (1906–1975)

Arrangements of excerpts from:

  • Viola Sonata, op. 147

  • Romance from The Gadfly

  • Three Fantastic Dances op. 5

  • String Quartet no. 8, op. 110

  • 5 pieces for 2 Violin and Piano

  • String Quartet no. 7

  • Cello Concert nr. 2, op. 126

  • 2 pieces for String Quartet

  • Waltz no. 2 from Jazz Suite no. 2

  • Cello Concert no. 1, op. 107

  • Piano Concert no. 2, op. 102

  • Symphony no. 8, op. 65 

  • Piano Trio no. 2, op. 67

  • 2 pieces for String Octet, op. 11, no. 2

  • Dance of the Dolls, no. 3

Chamber Symphony in C minor op. 110A, performed in it's entirety
Arr.: Rudolf Barsjaj

Supported by

​H. Westfal-Larsen og Hustru Anna Westfal-Larsens Almennyttige Fond

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