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​Electronic landscape from the messy side of life. 

Space Afrika mixes UK dance, trip-hop, ambient, alternative, pop, modern classical and experimental, and the duo's concerts have reached top tiers on lists of the year's best live performances according to several British music magazines.

The two childhood friends, Joshua Inyang and Joshua Reid, have roots in Manchester's electronica scene and are proud ambassadors of their city. Despite very different musical expressions, they are viewed as successors to Manchester bands such as Joy Division and The Smiths. 

'The energy, humour with realness, even in the face of authority. We’re relating to the same environment, although we’re totally ourselves – Black artists in the 21st century', the artists told The Guardian.

The duo is revered as electronica pioneers and has so far released two critically acclaimed albums: Somewhere Decent to Live (2018) and Honest Labour (2021). The latter offers dark ambient music with songs that include sound recordings of machines, raindrops and repetitive piano.

'Honest Labour is a taxing, emotionally exhausting experience precisely because it replicates the messiness of human existence', writes a reviewer for Pitchfork.

Photo: Glauco Canalis


  • Space Afrika

  • Joshua Inyang electronics 

  • Joshua Reid electronics 

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