Toril Johannessen - Festival Exhibition

Toril JohannessenFestival Exhibition

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Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen Kunsthall
1 h

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​An investigative artist.

Toril Johannessen grew up in Harstad, studied at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design and lives and works currently in Bergen. Internationally recognised for her work, Johannessen has shown in national and international exhibitions. 

A central theme in Johannessen’s work is the exploration of structures and frameworks of knowledge. From folk wisdom to scientific approaches, she delves into a wide range of areas with different traditions and conditions, highlighting the diverse connections between them.  

Information as material is central in many of Johannessen’s projects, including developing her own methods for datasets that form the basis of her works. With this approach, she challenges conventional boundaries between art and science, and highlights social structures and events that might otherwise seem inaccessible. 

Johannessen works with various media, including prints, information graphics, text and installations. 

The exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall will take its starting point in the artist’s current research on the military presence and the geopolitical situation of the High North. 

The Festival Exhibition is Bergen Kunsthall's flagship exhibition, established in 1953. The artist is selected by Bergen Kunsthall's Director inn cooperation with the Exhibition curator. The exhibition is considered the most important solo presentation for a Norwegian artist in their home country.  

Photo: Kobie Nel


Read more about Toril Johannessen and the 2024 Festival exhibition here.

Time Schedule

Thursday 23 May at 13:00
Exhibition period 23 May–11 August

Open 11:00–17:00 every day during the festival
Thursdays 11:00–20:00
For opening hours outside of the festival period visit Bergen Kunsthall

Guided tours:
Sundays at 13:00 (for families with creative workshop)
Sundays at 14:00

Artist talk with Toril Johannessen at Bergen Kunsthall Saturday 25 May at 14:00

Produced by

Bergen Kunsthall

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