Tuvas blodklubb

Performance type: 
Kulturhuset i Bergen, Hovedsalen
4 h

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Ticket prices

  • Standard

    NOK 280
  • Under 30 years

    NOK 200
  • Senior citizen

    NOK 252
  • BT Fordel

    NOK 210

​Village party in the West.

Tuva's blodklubb, a fan favourite at Riksscenen – the Norwegian hub for traditional music and dance, is coming to the Bergen International Festival for the very first time. Welcome to Norway's, and probably the Nordic's, and perhaps even the world's first nightclub dedicated entirely to folk music!

The event is, of course, hosted by Tuva Syvertsen, known as the lead singer and musician in the band Valkyrien Allstars. Her co-host and co-programme maker is Asgaut Bakken. 

'Norwegian folk music brims with energy. There are few places you can experience this better than at Tuva's blodklubb', said Aftenposten.

Concerts with hardcore folk music are performed before the DJs take over and play music from all over the world until closing time – and in between, you can try your vocals at folk music karaoke. It gets sweaty, it gets wild, you get thirsty, and it gets really late; because neither Tuva nor you have plans for tomorrow.

Kenneth Lien & Center of the Universe and DJ Nefertiti are among this evening's guest performers at Tuva's blodklubb at Kulturhuset. More artists will be announced later.

'Huldra is on the loose and invites you to the village dance.' – AFTENPOSTEN

Photo: Ingvil Skeie Ljones


  • Tuva Syvertsen host

  • Asgaut Bakken host

  • Thov Wetterhus mouth harp

  • Kenneth Lien mouth harp, fiddle, hardanger fiddle, lyre

  • Jørgen Skjulstad aka Center of the Universe aka DJ Sissyfus electronics 

  • Idil Husseindotter aka DJ Nefertiti DJ

  • Bozhidar Tsakov light

  • Øystein Etterlid sound

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